The Truth about Vaccines: A response to our critics


  • Melissa SchneiderFebruary 21, 2015

    Sir, are you familiar with Teresa Deisher's research. If you were, you would fully understand why aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines are heinous, not just from an ethical standpoint, but from a medical standpoint. With hundreds of thousands of parents reporting to each other and in social media that their children were vaccine injured, don't you think its time to really re-evaluate what the CDC is saying and demand that they be completely transparent? They haven't been and if you did your research the way many of us have, you'd know this. Please look up Dr. William Thompson, CDCwhistleblower and you will understand why parents don't trust the science that you keep flaunting. I saw my child's injury unfold at age 4 from DTaP. The Catholic Church can no longer say that public health is at risk from not vaccinating, when so many children have been put at risk from vaccines. My son is not less than any other child. No, I am not responsible for anyone else's child. I am responsible for the one that God gave me. Has anyone else been responsible for my son's care after his injury? No, so where is the moral imperative from the Catholic Church to make sure that pharm, doctors and the CDC assume accountability and financial responsibility for their long term care. It has been grossly absent. Unless you and the Catholic Church is going to finally assume financial responsibility for our children, then you need to rethink your position because it is negligent and encourages the abuse and injury of more children in the future.

  • Trimelda September 6, 2014

    And now the Vatican has condemned vaccines made from aborted babies. What do you say now on this issue?

  • karen dufresneMay 7, 2010

    As a nurse and a grandmother I have heard and seen both sides of this discussion. There are other ways of dealing with vacinations, the main thing my daughter did was space out the injections. Instead of the child receiving 3-5 vacines at one time - we took them back every month to get a new one. Takes diligance on the adult part but we saw less reactions and less pain for the children. Made my daughter and I feel better too.

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