• What Happened to Faith & Family Live?

    by Danielle Bean

    Update: 11/28/12: Come join us daily for Coffee Talk! It's a little tricky to find right now, and we're working on that, but if you scroll down on the home page, you'll see it under "blog posts." Only one or two days' worth show on the home page, but… read more

  • Bayard, Inc. Announces Catholic Digest Relaunch

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    A note from Danielle: As a writer, editor, and longtime fan of Catholic Digest (I have fond memories of curling up with a cup of tea and the latest issue as a teenager years ago), I am honored to be here.   With this re-launch issue in March, … read more

  • Catholics, 2012, and the end of the world

    by Dan Connors

    Until recently, few people would have thought Peter Gersten was crazy. After all, he was a successful attorney whose interest in UFOs once led him to successfully sue the CIA to force them to release documents about alleged alien encounters. There’s… read more

  • The lady and the hot dog

    by Dan Connors

    The pretty girl in the photo holds a soda and is about to bite into a juicy, foot-long hot dog. Behind her is a giant American flag blowing in the breeze.   It’s not the kind of photo we’d ordinarily choose for the cover of Catholic Digest these … read more

  • Anna Maria and the 14,000 suitcases

    by Dan Connors

    The night before they arrived, I had a dream about luggage.   In my dream, I was dragging bags along a train platform, desperately looking for my car, which wasn’t where I had parked it. Realizing that it had been stolen, I took out my cell… read more

  • Caty and the telemarketers

    by Dan Connors

    Caty Ramirez had just put dinner on when the phone rang. Thinking it might be her sister, she failed to check the caller ID — a decision she regretted as soon as she heard the fast-talking salesman. “Mrs. Ramirez? Great news! You’re… read more

  • A Walk Down Liturgy Street

    by Dan Connors

    When my son, Michael, was younger, sometimes he and I would sit in a chair together and look at a book called New York, Then and Now. This book’s left-hand pages have old photographs of streets in New York City taken between 1875 and 1920. The … read more

  • The Arm of St. Edmund

    by Dan Connors

    “I’m not going to church anymore,” Joe said as we walked along. “I’m going to the mosque. I like it there.”   I knew that. Joe, a legal immigrant from Central America, was feeling very alienated from the Catholic … read more

  • Is Yoga Sinful?

    by Dan Connors

    She told me her name was Janet and that she was in the office a couple of days a week. She was a trim, petite woman, probably in her early sixties, wearing a white coat and moving too quickly for me to focus on her name tag to catch her last name, or… read more

  • Does prayer work?

    by Dan Connors

    Every Saturday it was the same. We’d pile into the car, my mom and dad, my brother and sister and I, and off we’d go to visit my grandmother. I was 9, and the visits, for me, were always a mixture of joy and sadness. Joy in seeing her, joy in … read more