Making a Difference


  • CRS Rice Bowl

    by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

    Lent is upon us, believe it or not, and as we think through the prayer and fasting regimens we ought to take on to prepare for Easter, let's not forget about almsgiving -- the neglected sister of the trio of practices the Church recommends for spiritual … read more

  • Catholic credit unions are financially and faith focused

    by Kathleen Eppich and Barbara Sulik

    It’s been a brisk year for bank shutdowns — by June, 90 banks nationwide had closed their doors. In comparison, only 10 credit unions closed. Catholic credit unions are unique because they are formed and nurtured by people who have the same… read more

  • When Catholics Give

    by Dan Conway

    How much is “enough”? Must we “give ’til it hurts”? What are some good guidelines, and questions to ask ourselves, to determine whether we’re being appropriately generous?   The Gospel answer is radical: &ldquo… read more

  • The soldiers and the shepherdess

    by Seth Robson

    After being blinded in a mortar attack while serving in Iraq in 2006, Capt. Ivan Castro said he felt “disgruntled” with God. A soldier with the 82nd Airborne Division, Castro suffered a number of other injuries, too, including broken bones and… read more

  • Q&A: Victoria Cavanaugh, Founder and director of Nuestro Ahora

    by Kathryn Oates

    A closer look at Victoria Cavanaugh Favorite game to play with the children: soccerFavorite saints: St. Patrick and St. Francis of AssisiFavorite Salvadoran food: “Beans, eggs, and tortilla. And pupusas, tortillas stuffed with… read more

  • Volunteering on Vacation

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    With contributions from When Larry Kugler retired, he wanted to do something to make his heart sing. “I wanted to do things … that I really felt were important and were significant,” he says of his decision to take a … read more

  • Extreme faith

    by Traci Neal

    Set among the old farmhouses and lichen-covered stone walls of this rural southeastern Connecticut town, within view of a derelict saloon and a whitewashed Catholic church, a majestic home, reminiscent of a medieval castle with its balcony and tower … read more

  • Meet Charlie Chatterton and the Brake the Cycle Gang

    by Kerry Weber

    From the comfort of Charlie Chatterton’s red Saturn, the winding roads and rolling hills of central Connecticut are relatively easy to navigate. But on this warm summer day, Chatterton’s not looking to relax. What you can doNot much of… read more

  • Q&A: Russ and Rita Hoffman, Foster parents to more than 500 children, Moorhead, Minnesota

    by Kerry Weber

    For the past 45 years, Russ and Rita Hoffman, have taken more than 500 foster children into their home. As one of twelve recipients of this year’s Catholic Digest heroes award (see October 2007 issue), the couple recently took the time to speak… read more

  • Craig Cuccia, Co-founder and executive director, Café Reconcile, New Orleans, Louisiana

    by Kerry Weber

    Craig Cuccia is the co-founder and executive director of Café Reconcile, a restaurant that provides on-the-job training in the service industry for inner city teens in New Orleans. As one of twelve recipients of this year’s Catholic Digest heroes award… read more