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  • Water With Blessings

    by Derek Pettinelli

    With a staff of one full-time and three part-time employees, along with approximately 40 volunteers, a nonprofit organization based in Middletown, Kentucky, brings water to some of the poorest places in the world.  Water With Blessings works … read more

  • Cristo Rey Schools: Combining Strong Academics with Work Experience

    by Sue Haggerty

    When Gregory Damas was a fourth grader at Our Lady of Hope School on Broad Street in North Philadelphia, he watched his elementary school close its doors as one of many archdiocesan schools to shut down that year.    The state of Catholic… read more

  • Celebrating 80 Years of Catholic Digest

    by Julie Butters

    Twenty-year-old Mary O’Neill had never questioned her Catholic faith — until a friend told her he was leaving the Church. By following the Golden Rule, he said, he could live just as well outside Catholicism as within it. His decision forced O&… read more

  • Grounds of New Evangelization

    by Marge Fenelon

    A new breed of coffeehouse is on the rise, a trend that’s been a long time in coming. Catholic coffeehouses are springing up around the country—places that offer coffee, food, a wholesome atmosphere, community, and Catholicism. Many of the… read more

  • Help for the Holy Land

    by Derek Pettinelli

    To instill hope through healing is the goal of the Holy Child Program. By providing education and opportunity to those in need in the Holy Land, this program strives to change the lives of students and families in the immediate community, allowing the … read more

  • These Volunteers Make the Best Neighbors

    by Susie Lloyd

    The best neighbors anyone ever had live in Heart’s Home. They’re the people you can drop in on, and they won’t try to get rid of you. They are the type you can call on for a ride when your car breaks … read more

  • Loving The Unwanted

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    In 2011, University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts student Brian Ivie was only 21 years old when he felt compelled to make a movie about Pastor Lee Jong-rak, a clergyman who fashioned an infant drop box into the side of his home… read more

  • I'm Grateful for Divine Word College

    by Derek Nguyen

    In 2006 I was in 12th grade and came to Divine Word College (DWC) on a “Come and See” campus visit. I had an amazing experience. Though I was only 18 years old, I got a sense of what religious life is all about. Staying at the college, I … read more

  • To Give or Not to Give

    by Simcha Fisher

    The Church is clear about charitable giving: Helping people in need is a serious obligation for Catholics. It should also be a joy. One way to make charitable giving more pleasant is to give to an organization that means something to us—a charity … read more

  • Summer Programs at UD Readied Me for College

    by Vincent Athas

    The summer of 2009, I participated in the Arete program at the University of Dallas (UD). Over the next two weeks, other participants and I discussed the great questions that have fascinated mankind since the dawn of time.   After a morning lecture to get … read more

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