Kathy Difiore gives shelter to unwed mothers


  • anon April 18, 2015

    I really liked how kathy had helped all these women but her choice in who kept the women in line was poor. i lived there at the shelter and was being harrassed by one of the girls and she had destroyed my things there. i told them what had happened but no one believed me, even when everyone had a problem with this girl as well. so i had to leave this haven. and when i left i had baby clothes mailed there that they said they would ship to me but never did. my babys clothing...i wish kathy knew the truth behind this so called haven.

  • anon April 18, 2015

    kathy was a very nice lady and helpful for me and my baby. but unfourtunatly the shelter wasn't right for me and my baby because i was being harrassed by this women there and she kept destroying my things and no one did a thing about it. it's a shame because the supervisor of the place at the time didn't seem to care much and they always never had let me speak to kathy. oh and afterwards i left i had my mail delievered there for my baby clothing and they were never mailed to me. i wish kathy new what was among several sources and with that i had gotten a chance to tell her what was really going on there.

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