Good Egg: Tim Doran

Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church, St. Paul, Minnesota

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By Catholic Digest Staff


Tim Doran’s religious goods store, St. Patrick’s Guild, may be a bustling business, but owner Tim Doran treats the customers he receives there as friends and neighbors — because most of them are. He engages those customers he doesn’t know in friendly conversation until they, too, feel like they’ve found themselves in the home of a good friend.



It’s not unusual for Tim to pick up the tab for a coffee or a scone at the coffee shop next door to St. Patrick’s Guild. He greets the “church ladies” who come by after morning Mass, inquiring about their surgeries, vacations, and grandkids.

Tim is interested in the people who shop in his store. He asks about the infant who will wear the baptismal gown, the second grader who will don the First Communion dress, and the young woman who will wear the cross pendant around her neck as she is being confirmed. He’s always curious to find out how his customers felt about their purchases and encourages feedback on products: “We’ve heard great things. Let me know how it works for you!” He smiles with each Rosary that is purchased, knowing that the beads will provide a pathway to prayer.

Like his father, Bob Doran, who started the store in 1947, and his brother Mike, who ran the store for 33 years before Tim took over, Tim believes in old-fashioned service and, more deeply, in the Communion of Saints — those who have passed away and those who pass through his door.  CD

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