Good Egg: Paula Little


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By Catholic Digest Staff

Nominated by Glenda Behrmann

Glenda Behrmann met her friend Paula Little 25 years ago during Holy Week, and she remains thankful for this wonderful person every day.

Little, who worked in hospice for seven years, became aware of the tremendous need to for support for adults coping with loss. She was inspired to start a grief counseling class called “Journey” at St. Pius Church. So many people attended that she started a program for coping with grief called “Companions” for people outside of St. Pius. Little also created “Rainbows,” a program for children and young adults ages 5 through 19 who have suffered a loss or whose families are going through divorce.

Often someone will call her at the last minute, after registration has closed, and ask to be placed in the sessions. Little always manages to help out in any way she can.

Little and her family, including all four of her children, often help fill the St. Pius food pantry. Every Christmas, Little finds a struggling family and helps make their holiday a little brighter by making sure they have the things they need. Little, who is also an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, travels to the homes of parishioners who can’t attend Mass to give them Communion. Her phone is always busy because Little is available to talk to people who need a friend. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word “can’t.” CD

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