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  • Five Pro-Life Activities

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Attend March for Life The annual March for Life is Jan. 27 in Washington. Join thousands of pro-life demonstrators for a noon rally at the Washington Monument. A march follows at approximately 1 p.m. Later in the day, you can go visit your representative… read more

  • Message for Life

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    If a female in your community is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, does she know where she can get compassionate, life-affirming help? One of the best ways to have a visible, pro-life presence in the community is through billboards that promote a … read more

  • Help the Knights Help Christians at Risk

    by Robyn Lee

    The Knights of Columbus will expand its efforts for humanitarian aid to persecuted Christians with a national campaign to raise funds and foster awareness of the terrible suffering of Christians … read more

  • Be A Pro-Life Family

    by Simcha Fisher

    January marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the annual March for Life, so it's a natural time to promote respect for life from conception to natural end. But what does it mean to “respect life”? What does it mean to be “pro-life&… read more

  • Catholic Digest Seeks Heroes

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Catholic Digest is asking organizations, schools, mission groups, parishes, and individuals across the country to send us their nominees to be featured in our very special "Catholic Heroes" issue in 2010. Nominees must: be Catholic be a lay person live … read more