World of Flavor


  • Hospitality with heart

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    When we accept that our homes and food don’t have to be perfect, we can discover the joy of entertaining. Here, Sandy Coughlin, author of the book The Reluctant Entertainer, shares 10 “commandments” of hospitality, to help you keep … read more

  • Where Catholic meets coffee

    by Dirk Van Susteren

    A customer, laptop under arm, stands in line at a coffee bar. As he waits, he considers the various roasts and the many brews: latte, cappuccino, macchiato, espresso, plain old joe. What will it be? Our customer goes for a latte, a dark roast with steamed milk… read more

  • How to eat like a Catholic

    by Zoƫ Romanowsky

    Throughout history, the Church has been at the forefront of “food movements.” Monks began brewing beer in the Middle Ages for their own consumption and then sold it to the public. Religious Orders all over Europe made wine, cheese, bread, and other… read more

  • St. Patrick's Day and the spud

    by Dirk Van Susteren

    Pity the potato. It seldom gets the respect it deserves. A case in point is Mr. Potato Head, the toy with the goofy face that suggests potatoes are to be played with, not savored. Or consider the phrase “couch potato,” associating the tuber with … read more

  • What's cooking, Dad?

    by Marialisa Calta

    Author's Note: A few years ago, when I was researching a book on family meals, I confess I found very few men who cooked. Yes, there were men in the kitchen — usually on cleanup duty, or sometimes flipping pancakes for a weekend breakfast. I also found… read more

  • Let’s talk barbecue

    by Marialisa Calta

    It’s a huge subject: barbecue; one that has spawned dozens of articles and books, commentaries and doctoral theses, not to mention family feuds and barroom brawls. Does barbecue mean pork or beef? Is it really found in the South alone? Does the… read more

  • Fresh herbs, melons, and grapes

    by Marialisa Calta

    Eighty-year-old Rosaline Delzoppo of Cleveland, Ohio, expects nearly 30 guests for a special buffet dinner this August. She’ll start cooking several weeks in advance, ordering skate — a whitefish — from a fish market downtown to make scapese, … read more

  • Cooking up compassion

    by Marialisa Calta

    Cathy Voxland, an avid home cook from Newnan, Georgia, knows how to whip up a chicken and mushroom casserole for a church luncheon or put on a spread of “gooey desserts.” But during Lent, Voxland presides weekly over a kitchen of volunteers… read more

  • Marriage at the dinner table

    by Marialisa Calta

    I would like to be able to say that the “stunned” feeling that came upon my husband on the day he first thought of marriage was caused by me — by my exceptional beauty, loving ways, scintillating wit, and rare intelligence. It was caused, … read more

  • Sister Assumpta's famous cookies

    by Marialisa Calta

    Sister Mary Assumpta, a Sister of the Holy Spirit in Cleveland, has a way with words. Meeting actor Charlton Heston (more on that later), what did she say to the star of The Ten Commandments? “Holy Moses!”She sweet-talked her way into the… read more