World of Flavor


  • Autumn Feast

    by Emily Stimpson

    Autumn feast God seems to have a special love for autumn. While all the seasons sing a song of his glory, autumn’s song is richer than the rest. Leaves turn red, goldenrod blankets the fields, and the harvest finally comes in. Even heaven seems to declare… read more

  • Easter Dinner Ideas from Catholic Chefs

    by Sue Haggerty

    Catholic Digest brings you recipes from our two favorite Catholic chefs to help you bring dinner to the table this Easter. Jeff Young is the founder of The Catholic Foodie blog and podcast where food meets faith. He hosts the Around the Table Food Show… read more

  • Gather Round the Table

    by Sue Haggerty

    We know Christmas entertaining can be stressful, but here are some helpful tips and delicious recipes to keep your gathering festive and focused on the joy of Christ’s birth. Appetizers Keep it simple with a combination of the following: &… read more

  • Poppy Seed Kolache Recipe

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin with Ella Hadacek

    My mom, Sharon Hadacek, left a legacy of wonderful recipes. One of those recipes is Czech Poppy Seed Kolache. She left behind more than one version of the kolache recipe because she was the kind of baker who was always trying to perfect her recipes. This … read more

  • Easy Lenten Suppers

    by Sue Haggerty

    From slow-cooked to fast and easy, these simple recipes offer some variety for your meatless meals this Lent. Black Bean Burritos Simple meal that bursts with flavor   1 tablespoon olive oil 1 medium onion, diced 1 bell pepper (red, green or… read more

  • Impostor Pasta & Mock Meatballs

    by Danielle Bean

    As a family, we give up sugary snacks for Lent, but Sundays are meant to be a mini-Easter, so I told the kids we could make a treat. My oldest son Eamon wasted no time in selecting this funny confection he’s had his eye on in a book I recently… read more

  • Rice Puff Grotto

    by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

    For a tasty treat to celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes, try building this grotto out of Cocoa (or Fruity) Pebbles! Our Lady of Lourdes "Cocoa Pebbles" Grotto Ingredients: ½ stick butter 10.5 oz pkg mini marshmallows 13 oz box Cocoa Pebbles… read more

  • New Orleans Baked French Toast

    by Danielle Bean

    Do you have something special planned for Mardi Gras?   I like to mark the day with something out of the ordinary and it’s customary to enjoy a rich treat that uses up the sugar and eggs before beginning a Lenten fast.     With… read more

  • A Homegirl Mother’s Day

    by Traci Neal; recipes from Homegirl Café

    When Jesuit Father Greg Boyle opened a small bakery 20 years ago in East Los Angeles — in the middle of some of the most dangerous and violent gang territory in the world — then began employing members from rival gangs to work side by side, most people thought … read more

  • Celebrating St. Patrick

    by Lacy Rabideau

    With all the loud and crowded parades, green beer, leprechauns, and kelly-colored costumes, it can be easy to forget that St. Patrick’s Day commemorates a real man, and that the feast of St. Patrick — March 17 — marks the day of his… read more