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Products we recommend for November 2010

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By Julie Rattey

The Terminal
$9.98 DVD (widescreen)
amazon.com and other video retailers


In this humorous, original, and moving film, Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) finds himself indefinitely delayed at New York’s JFK Airport due to a bureaucratic glitch. Left to survive in the airport with limited English, he soon carves out a rough existence, finding friendship and providing inspiration along the way. The film’s tender heart and Frank Capra-like charm will delight many viewers. Rated PG-13. 128 minutes. Also starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Stanley Tucci.



Penny Merriment
Plimoth Plantation
$9.95 CD (Item 2159)
plimoth.com • 508-746-1622

Enjoy English psalms, ballads, and rounds from the time of the Pilgrims performed by Plimoth Plantation’s own group. Includes “Psalm 23,” “Three Blind Mice,” “We Be Soldiers Three,” and more.

Plimoth Plantation seeks to recreate the people, time, and place of 17th-century Plymouth through living-history exhibits, including a 1627 English village, Mayflower replica, and Wampanoag village. Visit plimoth.org to learn more.



“Classic Flavors of New England” turkey seasoning
Plimoth Plantation
$3.95 per packet (Item 10029)
plimoth.com • 508-746-1622


Create a classic feast with this turkey and gravy seasoning. The recipe for this mixture of sage, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, kosher salt, and black pepper was developed by Plimoth Plantation’s food historian.


Hand-painted serving bowl
Catholic Relief Services Fair Trade
Serrv.orgcrsfairtrade.org • 800-422-5915


You’ll serve more than just a side dish with this delicate hand-painted bowl from Vietnam: You help those who made it earn a living wage for their work.


Marshmallow Turkey Craft Kit
Oriental Trading Company
$6.99 (Item 48/3160)
orientaltrading.com • 800-875-8480

Make your Thanksgiving guests smile by creating and placing one of these at each table setting. It also makes a fun project for children at your family gathering, and a cute memento to bring home. Foam. 4¾”. Includes instructions and extra pieces. Kit makes 12 turkeys.


Help a needy family this Thanksgiving

Share the blessings of the season by helping out a needy family this Thanksgiving. Contact your favorite charity and ask how you can help.


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Managing Editor Julie Rattey

Julie Rattey is a Boston-based writer and editor. She is the author of If I Grew Up in Nazareth, available from 23rdPublications.com.