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Products we recommend for October 2010

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By Julie Rattey

The Watcher in the Woods 

Walt Disney Video

$12.49 DVD



This eerie film from 1980 is one of Disney’s few forays into spooky territory. Teenage Jan (Lynn-Holly Johnson) and her family have just moved to an old English house, owned by a woman (Bette Davis) whose daughter mysteriously disappeared 30 years ago. When strange things begin to happen, Jan sets out to discover what really happened to Karen. Though some elements of the film are slightly outdated, it still gives plenty of chills, without any violence or gore. Based on the book by Florence Engel Randall. Rated PG. Not recommended for young children. 84 minutes.


Loreena McKennitt

Nights at the Alhambra

Verve/Quinlan Road

$26.98 two CDs and a DVD

amazon.com and select retailers



The haunting beauty of McKennitt’s pure vocals and exotic instrumentation will carry you away to distant lands and set a mystical mood for Halloween (or anytime!). This collection features a DVD and CDs of McKennitt’s performance at the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain. Songs include “Dante’s Prayer,” “All Soul’s Night,” “She Moved Through the Fair,” “The Mummers’ Dance,” and more.


Earth-friendly beer

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Price varies by item

Find retailers by contacting a distributor near you: sierranevada.com


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company isn’t just winning awards for the taste of its beer — it’s also recognized for its sustainable practices. In pursuit of its goal to becoming 100 percent sustainable, it’s implemented solar panels, an extensive recycling system, water conservation, and more. If you live near Chico, California, you can also visit the brewery and its taproom.


Discover the universe in pictures

Astronomy Picture of the Day




From the rings of Saturn to the Horsehead Nebula, discover our eerie and awe-inspiring universe with this website, which offers, each day, a different image or photograph, along with a brief explanation by a professional astronomer.


Egypt Uncovered

Discovery Channel

$19.99 DVD set (Item 85129)

store.discovery.com • 800-889-9950


This five-part documentary illuminates some of the most mystifying and intriguing aspects of ancient Egypt. Using modern technology and the latest archaeological findings, world-renowned Egyptologists breathe life into aspects of ancient Egyptian life — from mummification to the pyramids — that have thrilled the world for decades. Not rated. 300 minutes.



“Wizard of Oz” Wicked Witch Talking Keychain


baronbob.com • 800-788-1957


“I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!” With this keychain, you can replay the most memorable Wicked Witch quotes from the beloved “Wizard of Oz” film. Visit the website for a list of included quotes.



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Managing Editor Julie Rattey

Julie Rattey is a Boston-based writer and editor. She is the author of If I Grew Up in Nazareth, available from 23rdPublications.com.