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By Julie Rattey

Gift of Love: Music to the Words and Prayers of Mother Teresa

Bradley James

$16 CD



James, an acquaintance of Mother Teresa, was asked to write music for the Missionaries of Charity, composed to Mother Teresa’s words. This CD, the only recording authorized by Mother before her passing in 1997, is a collection of songs written to her words and prayers. Clips of Mother Teresa speaking are worked into the compositions, and liner notes share the stories behind the songs.


The Vatican

By Father Michael Collins


$29.75 hardcover (Item VAT-H)



Go behind the scenes of the Vatican with this accessible and lavishly illustrated book by Father Michael Collins, a historian and former Vatican employee. Explore the Vatican’s treasures, learn about the history of the papacy, discover how employees — from Swiss Guards to painting restorers to the pope himself — spend their days, and more. 320 pages, more than 1,000 photographs.


The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Lions Gate

$11.49 DVD and select retailers


When Eddie (Jon Voight), an amusement park repairman, dies trying to save a little girl’s life, he enters the afterlife questioning his life’s worth. During his journey, he meets five people who help him revisit his life and discover the answer to his question. This is not an easy film to watch, full as it is with the sorrows of life, but its message is an uplifting and important one. Based on the best-selling book by Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays With Morrie. 133 min. Not rated (not appropriate for children due to difficult themes and violence, mostly WWII-related).


Fair trade coffee

Catholic Relief Services

Price varies by item • 800-422-5915


Catholic Relief Services sells a wide variety of coffee that supports a good cause. Whether you want Costa Rican coffee that supports local rainforest preservation, schools, and vocational training; coffee provided by an all-women’s cooperative; organic decaffeinated Peruvian coffee, or organic Ethiopian light roast (or more!), you’ll find it here. Other fair trade products available.


Stadium seat

Price varies by item and other retailers


This fall, enjoy sports games and concerts in comfort with a stadium seat, which attaches to the bleacher and provides back support. A host of models and styles are available at and other retailers.


Bizarre Buildings

By Paul Cattermole

Firefly Books

$9.98 hardcover (Item #93529) • 410-309-2705


An egg shop shaped like a duck. An apartment block with a hole in it to appease a mountain dragon. A church built directly into a butte 200 feet above an Arizona valley. Take a fascinating trip around the world to discover some of the world’s most unusual and extraordinary buildings — from the Church of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The book’s large size (10.6” x 10.9” x 1”) and color photos make for easier viewing, and the accompanying commentary illuminates the stories behind the structures, which are often just as interesting as the buildings themselves. 224 pages.

Managing Editor Julie Rattey

Julie Rattey is a Boston-based writer and editor. She is the author of If I Grew Up in Nazareth, available from