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  • Top Ten Movie Dads

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    Picking the top 10 movie dads was both easier and harder than picking the top 10 movie moms (see last month). Easier, because there were more candidates to choose from—and harder for the same reason! (Candidates for worst movie dads are also more plentiful… read more

  • Top Ten Movie Moms

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    When I set out to make a list of great movie moms in honor of Mother’s Day, I knew it wouldn’t be easy—but I found it even harder than I thought. Let’s face it: Great mothers are in short supply in the movies.   Still, … read more

  • Neglected Family Fare

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    It’s spring break and the grandkids are visiting. Or you’re looking for a DVD for a birthday present. You want three things: a) something worthwhile (not junk); b) something they’ll enjoy (not just high-minded or educational fare); … read more

  • Through Mary's Eyes

    by Robyn Lee

    Irish-born Roma Downey is most known for her role as Monica on the hit TV series Touched By An Angel. Now Downey and her husband Mark Burnett have produced a 10-hour miniseries, The Bible, which will premiere on March 3 on The History Channel.  … read more

  • God on the Big Screen

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    Have today’s movies lost religion? Not necessarily—but sometimes it helps to know where to look. For instance, mainstream films are more likely to include sympathetic depictions of religious faith in period pieces than in stories set in the present… read more

  • 2012 Movies Worth Watching

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    The movie year 2012 was disappointing. Nothing this past year has overwhelmed me like the previous year's transcendent Of Gods and Men. Few films have offered the blend of moral and artistic power of True Grit, Winter’s Bone, and The … read more

  • Return to Middle Earth

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    When Peter Jackson first set out to adapt J.R.R. Tolkien, the original plan was a trilogy beginning with The Hobbit and covering The Lord of the Rings in two sequels. But film rights for The Hobbit weren’t available—and plans to… read more

  • Martyrs, heroes, and rebels: “For Greater Glory”

    by Julie Rattey

    What price would you pay for freedom? In “For Greater Glory” (releasing June 1) which tells the story of the real-life martyrs and heroes of the 1920s Cristero War, which arose in response to government oppression of Catholicism in Mexico… read more

  • From Darcy to ‘Downton’: The appeal of the costume drama

    by Julie Rattey

    “It really does boil down to one moment writ large…” says British TV critic Kathryn Flett. “Man steps out of lake, world changes. Television is never the same again.”   The man stepping out of the lake, of course, is Colin… read more

  • Worth Watching in January and February 2012

    by Peggy Weber

    TELEVISION & MULTIMEDIAPBS’ AMERICAN EXPERIENCE focuses on figures and events of the American West, including Billy the Kid (Jan. 10), Custer’s Last Stand (Jan.17), Wyatt Earp (Jan. 24), and Annie Oakley and Jesse James (Jan. 31).   Busted… read more