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  • The Spiritually Aware Cinema of Jean-Paul & Luc Dardenne

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    For two decades, the Belgian brother filmmakers have explored moral, social, and spiritual themes in one extraordinary film after another. Two Days, One Night (2014), the latest acclaimed drama from the Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, … read more

  • Welcome to Jurassic Park

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    The theatrical release of Jurassic World attests the enduring appeal of Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking 1993 blockbuster.   I saw Jurassic Park three times in theaters back in 1993, and I vividly recall two things from that time. One is my… read more

  • The Happiest Sound in the World

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    The golden age of popular, pious, genial Hollywood Catholicism is more or less bookended by two hugely successful Best Picture winners: one about a singing priest, the other about a singing postulant nun turned wife and stepmother. Going My Way, starring Bing Crosby as a … read more

  • Sullivan's Travels

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    The comic genius Preston Sturges believed that laughter is the best medicine, and that what people in hard times want is to forget their troubles and escape for 90 minutes or so into a world of lighthearted comedy, snappy repartee and slapstick silliness… read more

  • Rabbit Tales

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    Newly remastered for Blu-ray and DVD, the classic animated adaptation of Richard Adams’ Watership Down is available from Criterion.   Richard Adams’ Watership Down, a masterful epic about rabbits, occupies a space somewhere between… read more

  • My Ten Favorite Movie Romances That Don't Show Up on Romantic Movie Lists

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    Every year Valentine’s Day brings new lists of top romantic movies, often with many titles recycled from previous lists—some deservedly so (Casablanca, The Princess Bride, Groundhog Day), others less so in my book (Titanic, … read more

  • Moses At the Movies

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings (in theaters December 12) isn’t this year’s first big-screen Bible film, but it may well be a throwback to a type of Hollywood Bible spectacle we haven’t seen since…well, since Cecil B… read more

  • Critiquing the Culture of Death

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    The word utopia was coined by St. Thomas More in his book of that name—an important and enigmatic work of fiction and political philosophy generally understood as some sort of satire.   The term seems to be a Latin pun: It is used in the sense of … read more

  • Marriage At the Movies

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    I wanted to share with Catholic Digest readers that there’s a powerful new movie coming to theaters September 26th called The Song. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally see a Christian movie that cares about art as much… read more

  • Stop-Motion Macabre

    by Steven D. Greydanus

    The Boxtrolls (in theaters September 26) is the latest macabre stop-motion animated tale from Laika, the studio behind Coraline and ParaNorman.   Stop-motion animation—which, unlike computer animation and traditional … read more