Top Ten Superhero Movies


  • SDG April 15, 2014

    JD Cowan: Great origin story. Disappointing third act.

  • JD CowanApril 14, 2014

    Captain America: The First Avenger is the single most underrated superhero movie. How someone could like old adventure films and not think it great is a mystery to me. Excellent film, and the sequel stacks right up with it.

  • SDG April 4, 2014

    Jeff, What most importantly makes Indiana Jones an adventurer or action hero rather than a superhero, in my view, is that he doesn't regularly battle evildoers in defense of the innocent. If you don't do that, you aren't a superhero. Also, Indy doesn't have a superhero nom du guerre. A superhero doesn't HAVE to have a secret identity (cf. the Fantastic Four), and doesn't HAVE to have superpowers (though the functional equivalent in training and/or equipment is probably a sine quo non) -- but if you don't have a secret identity AND people generally call you whatever they would call you if you weren't an action hero (your given name or nickname), then you aren't a superhero.

  • Jeffrey OverstreetApril 4, 2014

    Scanning my list of favorites, I only find one honest-to-goodness "superhero" movie in my personal top 100 list... UNLESS you count Indiana Jones. How do you define "superhero"? Jones may not have supernatural powers, but he is identified by his costume, a particular weapon, and a capacity for surviving unfathomable physical trauma. What about Buzz Lightyear and Woody in "Toy Story"? They're a sort of superhero within their own context. But yes, the one definite "superhero movie" that shows up in my top 100 is "The Incredibles." Great list. If I made a list of favorite superhero films, it would overlap with yours: "The Dark Knight," "The Avengers," "Spider-man 2," "X-Men 2" especially. I'm also very fond of "Hellboy 2" and "Unbreakable," and "Mystery Men" holds up quite well.

  • SDG April 4, 2014

    Thanks, fixed, Seth.

  • Seth HeasleyApril 4, 2014

    Hi Steven, great stuff as always. BTW, the link at the bottom of the DecentFilms post didn't go anywhere. I got here through the link at the top. Just thought you'd want to know.

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