Martyrs, heroes, and rebels: “For Greater Glory”

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imageAndy Garcia as General Gorostieta in “For Greater Glory”; Hana Matsumoto photo, courtesy of ARC Entertainment

By Julie Rattey

What price would you pay for freedom? In “For Greater Glory” (releasing June 1) which tells the story of the real-life martyrs and heroes of the 1920s Cristero War, which arose in response to government oppression of Catholicism in Mexico, each of the characters must answer this question. This April, actors from the film, along with director Dean Wright, met with media outlets including Catholic Digest to discuss the film and, in many cases, their personal Catholic faith. Click on the links below to meet them and read excerpts of their thoughts on the project, given in response to questions from Catholic Digest and other media outlets. Please note that the content contains some spoilers.


Eduardo Verástegui, actor, plays Blessed Anacleto González Flores


Dean Wright, director


Andy Garcia, actor, plays General Enrique Gorostieta


Mauricio Kuri, actor, plays Blessed José Sánchez del Río


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Managing Editor Julie Rattey

Julie Rattey is a Boston-based writer and editor. She is the author of If I Grew Up in Nazareth, available from