April 2012 Prayer and Reflection

From the April 2012 cover of Living with Christ

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imageHe Is Risen, He Qi (1950- ) www.heqigallery.com HEQI ARTS LLC Roseville, MN

By Living with Christ Staff

Bold colors and dis­tinctly contemporary influences character­ize the inspiring artwork of Chinese artist He Qi (1950- ). Blending the folk art and tra­ditional painting techniques of his Chinese heritage with aspects of both medieval and modern Western art, his work offers a new and invigo­rating way to connect with biblical events and deepen our spirituality.

In He Is Risen, He Qi captures the amazement of the women at the empty tomb on Easter morning. But in the midst of their bewilderment, we sense the peace and truth that the angel offers them. Holding the symbolic Easter lily, the angel proclaims that Jesus is risen. Carved into the stone on which the angel sits is a traditional Chinese depiction of a phoenix, symbol of re­birth and immortality, whose appearance was said to fore­shadow a great event.

He Qi once said, “We are living in a time where there is much violence. There is little peace. We need to listen to the voice of heaven.” This month’s cover invites us to listen to the angel, the voice of heaven, who comes to tell of the greatest event—the Resurrection of our Lord.


If you wish, sit quietly with the picture and reflect on the following questions:

  • How have I experienced God’s gift of peace in my life?
  • What is God’s voice saying to me today?
  • How does my life reflect the Easter message?

Living with Christ Staff