June 2011 Prayer and Reflection

From the June 2011 cover of Living with Christ

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imageLight from Light Arthur Poulin, OSBCam (1950– )

By Living with Christ Staff

In his signature style, Camaldolese monk and artist Father Arthur Poulin uses minute brush strokes and tiny dots of color layered over a black background, creating a contemplative journey from darkness to light. He describes his minis- try of painting as his way “to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel.”


The wonderfully exuberant Light from Light depicts the disciples of Jesus Christ going forth from California’s Mission San Luis Rey, bearing the good news of peace, love, and joy into a dark world. Their diversity of origins and gifts reflects the wondrous variety of God’s creation in earth, stars, plants, and people. Nourished at the table of the Lord and empowered by Christ’s Spirit, each person is now ready to “be Eucharist” in loving service to all those in need.


As the great feast of Pentecost approaches, you are invited to find yourself among the faces of the joy- filled community that bursts forth into a world longing for a Church afire with the love of Christ.


If you wish, sit quietly with the picture, and reflect on the following questions:


  • What gifts has the Spirit given to me to share with others?
  • How do I use those gifts to proclaim the good news of the gospel?
  • Who needs me to be “light” in the darkness right now?

Living with Christ Staff