• Should my teen read Twilight?

    by Julie Rattey

    Warning: This article contains spoilers   Stephenie Meyer, a 38-year-old mother of three, does not read vampire novels. She says she “just knows” she is “too much of a wuss for Stephen King’s books,” and she&rsquo… read more

  • A Catholic Digest Special Report: How we really feel about The Da Vinci Code

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Written by Daniel Connors and Kathleen StaufferSome Church officials and pastors have expressed alarm that Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, misinforms America’s 70 million Catholics, and that this misinformation might well have led &… read more

  • Anne Rice: How I was called out of darkness

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    EDITOR’S NOTE: For 73 years — from its review of Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone with the Wind in its very first issue (November 1936) — Catholic Digest has covered and reported on popular culture and literature. So when a novelist as… read more

  • Immaculée Ilibagiza: Rwandan genocide survivor and best-selling author

    by Kathleen Stauffer

    The crash of furniture could be heard just inches away, through the wall of the bathroom where Immaculée Ilibagiza huddled with five young women and a 7-year-old. “Where is Immaculée!?” a soldier shouted. They would kill her… read more

  • Priest and scholar discovers new key to understanding C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia

    by Julie Rattey

    “I regard [this discovery] very much as a godsend and a gift which has been given to me in order for me just to share it with other people” Re-reading one of C.S. Lewis’ poems one night in 2003 as he was nearing the end of his ordination… read more

  • Why my family adopted Harry Potter

    by John Granger

    I first read a Harry Potter novel so I could explain to my older daughter why we don’t read junk like that. As father to seven children whom we educate at home, I decided we wouldn’t have anything to do with Harry after a coworker had recommended… read more