Anne Rice: How I was called out of darkness


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  • Eric YoungAugust 26, 2015

    The book totally worth your attentions. The story of searching for a God in different places and in yourself, a search for something more than you and something perceivable and hardly understandable. What I like most of all is author's writing manner: the flow is easy for reading and no obstructive cliches. I will pick up this novel for my book review assignment and order it here

  • Frank DavisMay 28, 2010

    Anne Rice's conversion story--while, as one might expect, beautifully written--is, basically, not unlike so many other tales of eventual salvation-acceptance. She is remarkable only because of her exalted place in secular society--and her willingness to endanger that place; put aside obstructing human vanities and come to the cross. Another of this world's barely noticed, quickly forgotten, everyday miracles!

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