• A survival guide for the two-faith family

    by Dr. Gregory Popcak

    Bethany is a practicing Catholic. Jim, her husband of four years, is a largely fallen-away Lutheran. Despite the potential challenges, they managed to negotiate their faith differences acceptably well. Bethany would plan to fulfill her Sunday obligation around… read more

  • Grandparenting isn't for sissies!

    by Thea Jarvis

    I started praying with my oldest grandchild when he was still in his crib. If I were lucky enough to tuck him in at night and still had the energy to complete a rational sentence, I’d take his soft, pudgy hands in my own and make the Sign of the… read more

  • How to help our college-age children keep the faith

    by Dan Connors

    I didn’t notice him come in. The college snack bar was noisy that day and full of students like me wanting ice cream on a very warm October afternoon. My chemistry class was in an hour and I sipped my milkshake while perusing my notes from the … read more

  • How can I keep my kids Catholic?

    by Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

    We stand on the sidelines of our sons’ soccer match, a gaggle of parents stamping our feet against the creeping cold, huddling under umbrellas away from the drizzling rain that began with the game. As the game slip-slides away, we become not parents of… read more

  • What should we tell the kids?

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Two of the biggest lies parents tell themselves are “kids are oblivious” and “kids are resilient.” The truth is, kids are neither. It is well known that children are great barometers of a family’s stress level. Though children… read more

  • Grandpa and Sinbad the Sailor

    by Susan Konig

    My kids had plenty of reasons to love their grandpa. For starters, he was always sending gifts and “monies” for school supplies and field trips. These were no small contributions to him being dubbed a “fun PopPop,” and my kids… read more

  • My mother the worrier

    by Julie Rattey

    "Call me when you get home!”“Put a turtleneck under that. Do you want to get sick?”“Don’t make eye contact with strangers!”For as long as I can remember, my mother has been a worrier. It didn’t matter whether … read more

  • A letter to a young bride and groom

    by Annemarie Scobey-Polacheck

    In 1993, when my husband and I got engaged, Bill was 23 and I was 24. At the time, I squinted in confusion whenever the priest, in our pre-marriage conversations, would call us “kids.” I had been a voting adult for fully six years, I thought… read more

  • My first love letter

    by Kathryn Oates

    Hugging each other tightly, I pressed my cheek against the soft leather of his jacket, breathing in the faint scent of sandalwood cologne. This was supposed to be our goodbye to each other, the end of the most wonderful weekend of our lives. But as we stood… read more

  • Marriage at the dinner table

    by Marialisa Calta

    I would like to be able to say that the “stunned” feeling that came upon my husband on the day he first thought of marriage was caused by me — by my exceptional beauty, loving ways, scintillating wit, and rare intelligence. It was caused, … read more