• Going back to my old school

    by Susan Konig

    Our 13-year-old is in the process of choosing a high school. After eight years in her parochial grade school, it’s time to move on. She wants to go to Catholic school — we don’t plan to get in her way.No matter where she goes, she will… read more

  • Mom takes the train

    by Susan Konig

    The book Howard’s End by E.M. Forster begins with this epigraph: “Only connect.” In the book, people interact, share, clash, connect, and fail to connect. But the important concept is to try to bond with others — family, friends, … read more

  • Kids and their Grandparents

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    A very special bondReaders write in with grandparent-grandchild memoriesAdmiration. Inspiration. Adventure. The grandchild-grandparent relationship often brings all of these things into the lives of those who form this special bond. It is a bond that… read more

  • A very special bond

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Mints bring back memoriesMy grandfather died when I was seven years old. Still, I remember how he would give us peppermints to eat when he took us for drives in his car. I’m now 65, but whenever we eat peppermints in the car, I think of my grandfather. I … read more

  • Grandkids say the darndest things

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Heading home? I’m often at my parish to attend various events or rehearsals. Once, while accompanied by my granddaughter Ashlie, then 3, another parishioner asked me how much time I spent at the church. “This is my second home,” I … read more

  • Yellow buses and fond memories

    by Peggy Weber

    Last fall, my morning commute was slowed by a yellow school bus that had stopped to pick up students for their first day of school. Watching the little ones with their freshly scrubbed faces, new backpacks, and swinging lunch boxes begin a new school… read more

  • I love being a grandmother...

    by Beth Powning

    Of course, as your stories show, a grandparent’s bond with a grandchild is one that needs no holiday or fanfare, but can be celebrated every day of the year.On the day that our daughter-in-law, Sara, was in labor with our first grandchild, I made… read more

  • Elephants, ice cream, and souvenirs

    by Susan Konig

    It is definitely easier to stay home and watch television than to take three kids to the circus. To venture out on an entertainment adventure involves logistics, money, energy, faith, and patience.But recently, when the circus came to town, I realized … read more

  • What my dad taught me

    by Jennine Profeta

    Father’s Day reminds me of the many reasons I have to thank dear old Dad. Aside from the DNA, I inherited other impressive traits from him. Some, such as the ability to throw a baseball or check the oil in my car, I picked up because Dad had no… read more

  • Rock star in the family

    by Susan Konig

    We have four kids, so it was bound to happen. Our son is starting a rock band. He came to me and asked me to get him guitar lessons. He doesn’t know how to play the guitar, but he and a couple of friends are starting their own group. The stars … read more