• How to say “I do” every day

    by Tammy Darling

    “A successful marriage,” Mignon McLaughlin once said, “requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” If you’ve ever gone a month without spending any real quality time with your spouse, you know how negatively it can affect your … read more

  • My children are no longer Catholic

    by Kerry Weber

    When my son Jimmy decided to go to college in Oklahoma, the first thing we did was find him an apartment. The second thing we did was find a local Catholic church. I wanted to make sure he was going to Mass somewhere. We met the pastor, and Jimmy started… read more

  • Two moms walk into a Chinese restaurant

    by Susan Konig

    My friend Julia and I love to meet for dinner once a month without husbands or kids. We usually go to the same Chinese restaurant and order the same dishes. It’s really not about the dining experience; it’s about talking and laughing and … read more

  • It's never too late for love

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Since the time of the Revolution, Americans have penned war-related letters that express every conceivable human emotion, sentiment, and experience. And the motivations behind writing this correspondence are as diverse as the letter writers themselves. Many simply… read more

  • Going back to my old school

    by Susan Konig

    Our 13-year-old is in the process of choosing a high school. After eight years in her parochial grade school, it’s time to move on. She wants to go to Catholic school — we don’t plan to get in her way.No matter where she goes, she will… read more

  • Mom takes the train

    by Susan Konig

    The book Howard’s End by E.M. Forster begins with this epigraph: “Only connect.” In the book, people interact, share, clash, connect, and fail to connect. But the important concept is to try to bond with others — family, friends, … read more

  • Kids and their Grandparents

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    A very special bondReaders write in with grandparent-grandchild memoriesAdmiration. Inspiration. Adventure. The grandchild-grandparent relationship often brings all of these things into the lives of those who form this special bond. It is a bond that… read more

  • A very special bond

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Mints bring back memoriesMy grandfather died when I was seven years old. Still, I remember how he would give us peppermints to eat when he took us for drives in his car. I’m now 65, but whenever we eat peppermints in the car, I think of my grandfather. I … read more

  • Grandkids say the darndest things

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Heading home? I’m often at my parish to attend various events or rehearsals. Once, while accompanied by my granddaughter Ashlie, then 3, another parishioner asked me how much time I spent at the church. “This is my second home,” I … read more

  • Yellow buses and fond memories

    by Peggy Weber

    Last fall, my morning commute was slowed by a yellow school bus that had stopped to pick up students for their first day of school. Watching the little ones with their freshly scrubbed faces, new backpacks, and swinging lunch boxes begin a new school… read more