• Why Mother’s Day is every day

    by Susan Konig

    On Mother’s Day, I am sometimes given small gifts: paper flowers, toast and coffee in bed, a homemade card. Some years, I am sent out for a manicure so I can escape, for a short time, the very motherhood that is being celebrated. I go swiftly and… read more

  • My Mom is the Best!

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    We asked you why your mom is the best - and you told us! Read these readers' responses, then check out our I Love My Mom contest page to find out how to enter or to send your mom a special gift.     My mother, Clarice Trzaskowski, is the… read more

  • Adventures of a wary godmother

    by Kim Camlet

    I suppose I should’ve expected the stunned expression that came across my goddaughter’s face when I told her the news. But I definitely wasn’t expecting that she would flee across the room and dive for cover in Grandma’s lap. … read more

  • The journey that changed my life (Part 1)

    by Lawrence P. Levitt

    As my family approached the small village of Radvan, Slovakia, on a sunlit summer afternoon in 1982, we were struck by the sight of dozens of people running through town clasping bouquets of yellow daisies. “Ritter! Ritter! Ritter!” they … read more

  • The journey that changed my life (Part 2)

    by Lawrence P. Levitt

    In Part 1 of author Larry Levitt’s story, “The journey that changed my life,” we traveled along with Levitt, his wife, Eva, and their family as they toured the Europe Eva and her family left behind 40 years ago. After a touching reunion with… read more

  • My wonderful, unusual Catholic wedding

    by Barb Conley Waldmiller

    There’s an old saying that says if you want to hear God laugh, make a plan. As a young girl I had two plans: I would never marry someone named Ken (my name is Barb), and I was not going to get married in the month of June (too cliché for… read more

  • The Catholic Digest Wedding Guide - more frequently asked questions

    by Paul Boudreau

    How do I go about getting married in the Catholic Church? Once you’ve decided to get married, you need to call your local parish office and tell them you wish to begin the marriage preparation process. They will explain the procedures and help… read more

  • A survival guide for the two-faith family

    by Dr. Gregory Popcak

    Bethany is a practicing Catholic. Jim, her husband of four years, is a largely fallen-away Lutheran. Despite the potential challenges, they managed to negotiate their faith differences acceptably well. Bethany would plan to fulfill her Sunday obligation around… read more

  • Grandparenting isn't for sissies!

    by Thea Jarvis

    I started praying with my oldest grandchild when he was still in his crib. If I were lucky enough to tuck him in at night and still had the energy to complete a rational sentence, I’d take his soft, pudgy hands in my own and make the Sign of the… read more

  • How to help our college-age children keep the faith

    by Dan Connors

    I didn’t notice him come in. The college snack bar was noisy that day and full of students like me wanting ice cream on a very warm October afternoon. My chemistry class was in an hour and I sipped my milkshake while perusing my notes from the … read more