• My Child, The Atheist

    by Brian O'Neel

    It’s 11:00 p.m. Do you know where your atheist child is? An alarming number of Catholic parents these days have seen their deepest fear come true. Not only have their children rejected Catholicism, they no longer believe in God.   It is … read more

  • A Summer With Purpose

    by Laurie Ghigliotti

    “I’m bored!” What parent hasn’t heard that—from little ones to high-schoolers—during summer vacation? Summers are notorious for students losing academic ground while sleeping into the afternoon and spending long hours bonding with… read more

  • Understanding Infertility: A Catholic Perspective

    by Angelique Ruhi-Lopez

    For those who long to be parents, perhaps nothing is more heartbreaking than experiencing the pain of infertility instead. I know this pain firsthand—my husband and I experienced infertility while trying to conceive our first child.   The Centers… read more

  • Some Things Moms Can't Do

    by Matt Archbold

    I’m used to being the only dad in a crowd of moms wherever I go. As a father who works from home and raises five kids, I’ve gotten used to it.   Recently, I was at my daughter’s basketball game with my other four children. We… read more

  • Happy Campers

    by Susie Lloyd

    Any day now, my girls will start hounding the mailman. They’re all waiting for that one piece of mail that holds the key to summer bliss — the camp application. Who will be the first to grab it and run to tell the others? What was it, seven … read more

  • Single Dad Wins Super Bowl Tickets

    by Robyn Lee

    Sunday is a special day for Catholic Dad, Jimmy Oliveira. Even when his daughter Gina was still very young, he started the family tradition of Sunday Mass and watching the New York Giants game. “When I was a child that was the family tradition … read more

  • Mom’s kitchen

    by Joyce Stark

    “One day, my table will be clear. Just a vase of flowers on it!” I recall muttering to myself.   Toys, textbooks, makeup, and sports gear always littered the tabletop. Why can’t the girls go to their rooms to paint their fingernails… read more

  • Dancing with my son

    by Susan B. Townsend

    I have always loved to dance. My mother used to joke that I learned to dance in utero. She often sang to me while she was pregnant, and both she and my father loved music — a passion I shared from a very early age. I grew up listening and dancing… read more

  • My husband, the romantic?

    by Deb Stanley

    “What’s the most romantic thing your spouse has ever done?” the emcee asked the three couples. My husband Scott and I were attending a wedding for one of our friends, and a family rendition of “The Newlywed Game” was taking place. … read more

  • Relocating for love

    by Marion Fernández-Cueto

    Falling in love isn’t always geographically convenient. What happens when a state boundary (or two) separates you and your potential soul mate? Award-winning writer Marion Fernández-Cueto explored this dating dilemma in the summer 2010 issue … read more