• Society's New Sinners

    by Ray Guarendi

    I spoke with a mother of five children who is expecting her sixth child. She shared that she is amazed at how many people feel free to disparage her family size. She feels reluctant to tell others she… read more

  • Dads Give The Gift of Faith and Learning

    by Danielle Bean

      It was sharing time. My first-grade teacher gathered the children in class and we sat, cross-legged in the sharing circle. “We’ll go around the room,” she told us, “And tell what our parents’ jobs are.” The … read more

  • Contemplating an Empty Nest

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. The youngest of our four children is leaving for college at the end of the summer. He is counting the days until he begins this new adventure, but as the day of his departure grows closer, I can feel myself growing more anxious. I’m worried … read more

  • Heroic Moms

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    For Mother’s Day 2015, Catholic Digest offers readers great Mother’s Day gift ideas --but first, we highlight three mothers who exemplify heroic motherhood.   More than morning sickness It’s par for the course for pregnant mothers to … read more

  • Beloved Dog Teaches Lessons in Life & Death

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. Our family dog, Rory, is nearly 15 years old. When we got him, our children were seven, five, three, and a newborn. They have virtually no memory of life before we brought Rory into our family. He has been a great pet. His presence in our home has… read more

  • Should You Choose Your Child's College?

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. Our son has been accepted to several good colleges, including two excellent Catholic universities that are known for their adherence to Catholic teaching. He also got accepted into three other schools—one big state school and two small liberal … read more

  • What Is So Bad About Wanting to Be Rich?

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. Whenever we ask our 13-year-old son what he wants to be when he grows up, he says, “All I want to be is rich.” He talks incessantly about the things he hopes to have in the future, including expensive sports cars, the latest technology… read more

  • Can Media Rules Be Too Strict?

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. We have made the conscious decision to limit our family’s exposure to media. Our teens (16, 14, 13) do not have cell phones, their access to a computer in our home is limited to school-related purposes, and our television is locked with parental … read more

  • What the Love Songs Say

    by Tom Hoopes

    In its teaching on marriage, the Church is the last guardian of true romance. We know that is true not just because the Catechism says so—but because our popular songs agree.   “Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone… read more

  • My Thanksgiving Ice Bucket Challenge

    by Tom Hoopes

    Every time I saw an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video on Facebook, I thought of my mom, smiling, on Thanksgiving Day 2006.   Maria Segura Hoopes would have loved seeing the misery of ALS wedded with the goofiness of all those videos—because… read more