Marriage & Relationships


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  • The Church's Revamped Rite of Marriage Explained

    by Fr. Thomas V. Berg

    A fun part of helping a couple get ready for celebrating marriage is to let them know at some point that they — not the priest or deacon — are the ministers of the sacrament. The bride and groom mutually confer the sacrament of Matrimony … read more

  • Pope Francis’ Tips on Loving Faithfully, Freely, Fruitfully, and Totally

    by Karee Santos

    This past March, Pope Francis penned a moving tribute to married and family life called Amoris Laetitia, or “The Joy of Love.” This apostolic exhortation praises spouses who have learned to love each other faithfully, freely, fruitfully, … read more

  • The Truth Will Set You Free

    by Fr. Roland Guilmain

    Dear Father, I have a neighbor who loves to gossip. She doesn’t hesitate to mention anything bad about other people. She justifies her conduct by saying that the Bible recommends it. She quotes John 8:32: “And you will know the truth and … read more

  • Marriage Wisdom

    by Kate Wicker

    Thirteen years ago I was a blushing bride dreaming of her happily ever after. After enduring a rigorous pre-Cana boot camp, I thought I knew a lot about love and marriage.   I knew squat.   Since then I’ve learned a lot — mostly the… read more

  • Saying I Do to Financial Security

    by Christopher Waung

    Whether you and your spouse are newlyweds or approaching a silver anniversary, how you manage savings, retirement, and other personal financial issues is critical for both your family finances and your marriage overall. Here are five tips that will … read more

  • Helping A Suffering Spouse

    by Sue Haggerty

    I was in labor with my fourth child when I had my first panic attack. I was lying on the bed in triage, calmly answering routine questions from the nurse. In my mind, however, I was fretting about the delivery, remembering the rapid arrival of our previous… read more

  • Father, Forgive Them

    by Cat Hodge

    It is strange the way a cruel word can inflict a wound that won’t heal.   Behind us at the pizzeria last week were a quartet of old ladies playing cards, and in the corner a group of teenagers clustered in a booth. At my table I was busy… read more

  • Addicted to Video Games

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. My husband and I are in our early 30s, and he grew up playing and enjoying video games. It’s a hobby he has continued, and now he and our sons, ages 11 and nine, spend hours in the evening and on weekends huddled together in our basement game… read more

  • Saintly Marriages: The Good, The Bad & the Holy

    by Karee Santos

    The saints are our cheering section in heaven, rooting for us to finish the race and win the victor’s crown. They can show us how to be better people, better Catholics, and better husbands and wives. Although many saints come from the ranks of … read more

  • Bringing Out the Best in Your Marriage

    by Daria Sockey

    Teresa Tomeo is a well-known Catholic radio and TV personality. She and her husband, Deacon Dominick Pastore, have been speaking together for some time about marriage. Now they have co-authored a book, Intimate Graces: How Practicing the Works of Mercy Brings Out… read more

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