My Mom is the Best!

Readers share what makes their moms so special

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image Donna Curtiss and her mom, Nellie Troehler
image Photo courtesy of Hannah Gutierrez
image Martha and Mark LeHouiller

By Catholic Digest Staff

We asked you why your mom is the best - and you told us! Read these readers' responses, then check out our I Love My Mom contest page to find out how to enter or to send your mom a special gift.



My mother, Clarice Trzaskowski, is the best mom you could wish for! She is hilarious, an Einstein (very smart) and knows how to make dinner in less then 30 minutes. She knows how to take care of people when they are sick, and offers a ride to all of my friends when they are walking home. She takes me on shopping trips and has girl time with me, since we are the only girls living in my house! She is over all the awesomest ( if that even is a word)! Mom in the universe (aliens included).

-Abi Trzaskowski


I see the changes in my mother’s appearance as the years pass by. At the age of fifty five, her hair is turning gray as some are falling that will turn her bald eventually.  The dark circles under her eyes and her gaunt face are proofs of years’ sacrifices for us, her three children. She’s always wanted to give us everything we need the best she could even though we’ve always lived in dire straights. That’s why I didn’t know we were that poor when I was a child. I thought we were prince and princesses, at least that’s how she treated us, and she still does. Mom is God-fearing and self-sacrificing. She’s the one who taught me how to pray the rosary and she’d rather live all her life without her front teeth than to spend money for a denture. My mother can’t see me anymore from afar without her thick eyeglasses. But in her eyes, we’re still her young prince and princesses, and to me she’s always the best! If most mothers are like my mom, she’s still the best. Why, she’s my mom!

-Kit Perez


My Mom is the best because she endured much and did not complain.  She believed in God and doing right.  I want to take this opportunity to honor my Mom, (Mary) Virginia Hammond Wulfekuhle. My Mom married my Dad, Joseph and became a Catholic.  They raised 11 children until she died at 47 years old.  We were all well taken care of lived in a clean orderly home and we all knew we were loved.  Mom was always busy but we were always on time for school.  Can you imagine getting 13 ready for church on Sunday and 7 children ready to go to Holy Rosary Catholic School in Tacoma, WA?  How did she do it? My Mom did not complain and she even kept herself looking good and eating healthy.  Maybe Mom was a saint and just not recognized yet?  I believe Mom is happy in the presence of God.  I am thankful to and for my Mom and even though I do not wish her back to live on this earth I do miss her and want to say thank you again.

-Pam Colyar


If anyone was born to be a Mom – it is my Mom.  My Mom has never been more beautiful, more loving and understanding than she is today.  She is 87, nearly 88 years old and she has been a Mom for 62 years.  She has 7 children, each one believing that they are her favorite.  Her Mother’s heart enfolds all of us.  All of our lives we have known her love, and her laughter.  Actually, she and Dad were born to be parents.  My Dad used to say jokingly that if we did believe in reincarnation, he would like to come back as one of Mom’s children.  They were married for nearly 60 years when Dad died.  During our Dad’s twenty-year illness, we continued to learn from Mom through her genuine courage, inner strength and faithfulness. It is through my Mom’s faith, unconditional love, and forgiveness that all of her children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren have come to know God and to feel a special bond with our Blessed Mother.  While life has not always been easy, my Mom has handled whatever came her way with uncompromised faith and grace.  No wonder I love my Mom.

-Donna Curtiss


I don't think my mother is the best, I KNOW she is!  When we were kids, she sang in the kitchen and always seemed to be busy cooking and cleaning.  At times I thought she was kind of mean, because she would never let us have seconds on our desserts. Now I know it was because she didn't want us to gain weight and have health problems due to that fact.  Looking back, I can never remember my mother reading to us except for a story out of the Bible.  We loved Noah's Ark the best.  She is nearly 90 years old now.  She lost her only brother a few years ago, and he left her a huge amount of money.  But, she didn't keep it all to herself, instead she gave each one of her children a good amount of it.  When my brother died suddenly this winter, she inherited his entire estate.... she didn't keep it either, but gave half the farm, the house and 1/2 of all the personal property to her daughter in law.  She could have kept it all for herself, but she knew it was holier to GIVE!

 -KarLen (Gifford) Heisz


Hallo mum, how are you? Do you ever get tired of hearing me saying this, 'you are my hero'? I'm certain you cherish it. How did you ever see us through as a single parent? You smiled through the hardships and challenges you faced while raising us, your three lovely boys, now full-grown men! Mum, I love you.  With tears in my eyes, I remember the times you went to bed hungry but our tummies were bulging. Mum, the beauty of your heart is beyond comprehension. Never was a time you talked ill of our dad even though he was merrymaking while we toiled for survival. Dear mama, you always told me, your favorite last-born child (though you loved us all), to work hard in school, be a positive minded person to escape from the poverty and drudgery that afflicted our ghetto society. Mum, please don't make me cry for remembering this, men don't cry! I tremble with fury filled with almost primitive animal savagery when one just talks ill of you mama. Mum, may I not be thrown into the dungeons for failing to control my actions when someone even thinks of hurting you, so help me God.
-Wilson Kibaki, Kenya


 My mum Ellen fits the title ‘My Guardian Angel’.  The very best mother any child would like to have. She is the true model of a mother. She withstood so many challenges starting from a tender age of 3 when her own mother passed away. She grew up without a mother but she became the best mother any child could ever ask for. Sometimes I wonder what I have done to deserve her as a mother. She has always given us the best of what we can have even though we are not rich, thought us to be hardworking and honest just as she was and I can say that she have thought us to live in this world that is full of uncertainties by she being our example to lead our live. An energetic person and still is without taking a single medical leave. Now at the age of 67 she is the not only the best mum and a mother-in-law but also the best grandmother. I can only thank God for providing me with such a caring Guardian Angel and I am so honored to have her in my life. I am truly blessed with her presence.

-Uma Maheswari, Malaysia


My mom is pure peace; I learned it in her womb and today, raising a toddler son, mom slows life down to true perspective. Mom is my real angel. She is a natural woman. When I am with her, it is relaxed timelessness; we enjoy each other in the present moment. Freedom is sharing faith. I am myself with my mom. I am confident and I am a little girl. My mom always wants the best for me and I can trust when she says something, it is from her heart, for my benefit. Mom loves simple pleasures. We both appreciate church, the sea and the library. Mom has innocence about her; she sees the good in others; and she loves me with her whole soul. Mom gifted our son with her big, beautiful sky-blue eyes, full of light. Mom always puts me first. Her gentle spirit and wonderful listening ears encourage me to love being a woman. Mom shows me how to be the 'heart' of my home as she showed me by example, her softness, gentleness and pure, quiet spirit of love. By leading me to enjoy a tiny flower, a sunrise and Jesus' Mother Mary, I have found lasting joy here on Earth. I see the way my mom can turn my day around; and beautifully awaken me to trust myself. She loves our son and nature; true gifts!!!! I learned about St. Gerard from mom; the 'Mother's Saint who leads us to peace and comfort; caring for others through Hope.

-Paula Timson



My Mom, Martha M. LeHouiller, married my Dad, Robert E. LeHouiller over 61 years ago this past October 2.  A Light shines on her when she comes into a room. She gave birth to 11 children, 6 boys and 5 girls.  Her life was devoted to us, showing us a strong faith that sustains in many of us today. Her love of God was apparent in anyone she encountered.  Her wit and wisdom, compassion, love, and kindness are just a few words to express about my mom. She became deaf at age of 9 due to busted eardrums. She was 19 when she had her first hearing aid. She learned how to read lips and accepted her disabilities with courage and strong faith. I’ve spoken with her many times and listened to many stories about our lives. She has touched so many people with her smile, her grace and her love of all kind. They survived a horrible car accident in 2002, which made national news. Their car totaled, however, a license plate with “God is My Co-Pilot” was very visible. I have so much to say about her and hope she wins this award.

-Mark M. LeHouiller



My mom is my inspiration. Even when her 18 year old daughter left college to move in with her marine boyfriend 700 miles away, she did not give up hope. Sure, this was not what she taught any of her 5 daughters who grew up in a faithful Catholic home to do, but she kept going. I could tell it hurt her deeply. My mom felt like she disappointed her eldest daughter and failed as a mother. She thought it was all her fault. Instead of giving up on her though, my mom remained positive. Every day she would pray to the Lord for the safety of her daughter and a change in her heart. Some days the tears would come as my mom talked about her, but she would always say "pray, hope, and don't worry."  Her prayers worked.  My sister now lives with us and is happily married. Although my mom wishes her daughter took a different route, she is overjoyed she's home. Their relationship is not back to the way it was, but my mom trusts that the Lord will help.  My mom didn’t let sadness or pain rule her life. She put her trust in God.

-Hannah Gutierrez



I once read an article that says man can easily understand the love of God if in his life he has experienced the love of his father.  Using the same analogy, it is easy for me to understand the Blessed Mother’s love because   my mother loves me and through the ups and downs in my life she is always a comforting presence.  She is the greatest icon of my life that influenced me in many ways - she’s my cheerleader, coach and teammate rolled into one.  Mother loves to sing and her songs reflect her faith in the Lord.  She is a diva who sings to God her joys, sadness, pain, and worry prompting us her children to do the same as we go through our own journey of life and faith. That her life is a song is an understatement. She is an ordinary woman who in her ordinary ways has made us her family extraordinary in our unique ways.  Like a weaver who weaves the warp and woof into an intricate design, so she has woven her faith, hope and love into our lives, making it her contribution in the universal fabric of life.

-Barbara T. Fernandez, Philippines



Do you love your mom like I love mine? Well I love mine. My mom supports me through everything like school and dance. Without her help, I probably wouldn’t be in math enrichment or on student council. She also drives me everywhere such as dance and friends’ houses. She is my mom and I would never trade her for anything.  My mom has given me life and I would like to thank her. She helps me with homework, planning things, and so much more. My mom is caring, loving, friendly, welcoming, patient, and trustworthy.  My mom helped me through the loss of my family’s beloved pet guinea pig Buddy. But she knew I was so sad about the loss so a few days later, we got our new guinea pig named Cocoa.  So what do you think? Our love is endless. She loves me SO much and I can’t say how much I love her because it’s huge. I would like to know that everyone likes my mom like I love her. I would love to nominate my mom as “The Best Mom Ever” award. And I will show her this with my love each day.  I LOVE MY MOM!!!!

- Julia Buschbacher



 My beloved mother Maria Pedroche Garcia love of nature was contagious and she found beauty in all that sounded her.  While she was in hospice, she reminded me to water her flowers and feed her birds.  It was during one of those days when I felt helpless that I discovered a bird of paradise that had two flowers blooming on one stem.  I immediately showed her the fresh cut flower and she smiled and responded, “This is paradise”.  Every day for a month, I would take the flower and photograph it facing the sky.  I showed her the flower and the photos and she held on to my hand and prayed for blessings to shower all of our family.  The flower died when my mother passed to paradise.  I hold on to her memories that strengthen me.  The greatest tribute to my mother is not grief but gratitude.  My mother’s legacy is the acts of loving kindness and the inspiration to find beauty in all things in nature that will last me a lifetime.  I am eternally grateful for my Mother’s gift of life, her stories, and her heart-felt spirit that inspire me.

- María Teresa G. Pedroche

Catholic Digest Staff