Children and Faith


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  • Praying Our Kids Through College

    by Lynn Bellavance Wehner

    Editor's Note: This essay was published as part of the annual Catholic College Guide in the Fall 2010 issue of Faith & Family Magazine. “Just face it; you’re going to be a blubbering wreck.” It was a summer-long mantra chanted by friends… read more

  • Preserving Catholic Faith During the College Years

    by Lori Hadacek Chaplin

    Our forthcoming issue will include our 2013 Catholic College Guide -- and some tips, including this review from Lori Hadacek Chaplin, offered as a sneak peek.   The Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA… read more

  • My Child, The Atheist

    by Brian O'Neel

    It’s 11:00 p.m. Do you know where your atheist child is? An alarming number of Catholic parents these days have seen their deepest fear come true. Not only have their children rejected Catholicism, they no longer believe in God.   It is … read more

  • A Summer With Purpose

    by Laurie Ghigliotti

    “I’m bored!” What parent hasn’t heard that—from little ones to high-schoolers—during summer vacation? Summers are notorious for students losing academic ground while sleeping into the afternoon and spending long hours bonding with… read more

  • Some Things Moms Can't Do

    by Matt Archbold

    I’m used to being the only dad in a crowd of moms wherever I go. As a father who works from home and raises five kids, I’ve gotten used to it.   Recently, I was at my daughter’s basketball game with my other four children. We… read more

  • Happy Campers

    by Susie Lloyd

    Any day now, my girls will start hounding the mailman. They’re all waiting for that one piece of mail that holds the key to summer bliss — the camp application. Who will be the first to grab it and run to tell the others? What was it, seven … read more

  • 8 keys to keeping kids Catholic

    by Carol Cimino, SSJ, Ed.D.

    "I can’t understand it!” she wailed. “I sent her to Catholic school for 12 years and she doesn’t even go to church!”   If I had a nickel for every time a parent said those words (substitute “religious education… read more

  • How to help our college-age children keep the faith

    by Dan Connors

    I didn’t notice him come in. The college snack bar was noisy that day and full of students like me wanting ice cream on a very warm October afternoon. My chemistry class was in an hour and I sipped my milkshake while perusing my notes from the … read more

  • My children are no longer Catholic

    by Kerry Weber

    When my son Jimmy decided to go to college in Oklahoma, the first thing we did was find him an apartment. The second thing we did was find a local Catholic church. I wanted to make sure he was going to Mass somewhere. We met the pastor, and Jimmy started… read more

  • Help! My teen daughter is a witch

    by Catherine Sanders

    Irene and her teenage daughters, Margaret and Madeleine, are devoted members of their parish. Both girls are active in Girl Scouts, where they became drawn to Jess, a member who spoke openly of having left the Church for the practice of pagan witchcraft or… read more

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