Children and Faith


  • Why Do I Have to go to Church?

    by Nancy Flanders

    My husband and I have three daughters who at young ages already express some big opinions about life, including a four-year-old who complains about going to church. She knows what she wants, what she doesn’t want, and isn’t afraid to say … read more

  • Free Tablet Not A Welcome Gift

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q.  At the start of the year, our children’s school handed out iPads to every fifth grade student. Consequently, though we had successfully implemented a strict family policy about when and how our daughter was able to interact with the virtual world… read more

  • 2015 Catholic Digest College Guide

    by Paul McKibben

    Deciding where to attend college is one of the important decisions young people and their families face. If you’re raising your son or daughter Catholic, you want a school that will not only challenge them academically but also help grow their … read more

  • Should You Choose Your Child's College?

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. Our son has been accepted to several good colleges, including two excellent Catholic universities that are known for their adherence to Catholic teaching. He also got accepted into three other schools—one big state school and two small liberal … read more

  • Can Media Rules Be Too Strict?

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. We have made the conscious decision to limit our family’s exposure to media. Our teens (16, 14, 13) do not have cell phones, their access to a computer in our home is limited to school-related purposes, and our television is locked with parental … read more

  • 2014 Catholic Digest College Guide

    by Matt Archbold

    There’s no easy formula for choosing the perfect college for you or your child. But if you’re looking for a college or university which will bolster and support students’ faith rather than tear it down, Catholic Digest offers this annual… read more

  • How to Be a Great Godparent

    by Nancy Flanders

    Three years ago, when Eric and Erin Grant began considering godparents for their daughter Brookelyn, three years old, they knew what they wanted in and what they didn’t. While many parents choose their child’s godparents as an act of obligation… read more

  • How to Support Young Adults

    by Susie Lloyd

    Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems. Does it have to be that way? Or is there something we can do?   Between 17 and 25, a person is bound to go through at least one life-changing transition, and probably several. We all know how stressful … read more

  • The Problem With Santa

    by Abby Walsh

    The magical bubble of Santa has been popped. As a child this happened to me on the playground when a neighborhood boy mocked my belief in Jolly Old Saint Nick. I was 10. As an adult this happened recently when my husband and I were told by a Church… read more

  • The Santa Dilemma

    by Marybeth Hicks

    Q. My husband and I are in a debate about how to celebrate Christmas with our children. We’ve always focused on Advent and the coming of the Baby Jesus, but we also have allowed them to believe in Santa Claus. My husband now worries that the idea … read more