My children are no longer Catholic


  • Carol DworakJuly 30, 2015

    Found comfort in your article. Raised 5 children in a very Catholic/religious/devotional family. Only 1 currently practices weekly. :(

  • NC MomApril 24, 2015

    LOVE your approach. I was raised Catholic (13 years Catholic School, All of the Sacraments, etc). However, I found my faith recently in the Baptist Church. I know, due to series of events, that God led me there and I have such a peace knowing this is where he is meeting me. I actually read the Bible (why we didn't have to do this growing up is beyond me). I have found so many truths in the Bible that I never realized. The only thing we need is Jesus, it is NEVER going to be about what WE do but only what HE did for us. I know my Mom is not going to be as understanding as you. She never came to visit me down here because my daughter wasn't baptised as an infant. As hurtful as it was, I couldn't lie and say that I was committed to raising her as a Catholic. I am happy now and truly believe, regardless what church you belong to, if you follow Jesus and live in his word every day.....your Salvation is SECURE. Blessings!!

  • z momNovember 12, 2012

    Teenage son lost all faith and taken a claim to aethism which breaks my heart and yet this article has given me a germ of hope and like that grain of faith I hope remains in my sons soul I pray that God will nurture us both and bring him firmly back into the Church....even if its just a step back into Christianity my heart will mend.

  • Quan Tran HoangMay 4, 2012

    Thanks to your sharing on your own experiments in faith. I'll pray for your family. May God bless you all. Fr. Joseph Quan

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