• St. John Bosco

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    St. John Bosco Feast day: January 31   The youngest son of a poor farmer, Bosco was born in1815, a time of great social upheaval in Europe. When he was only two years old his father died, leaving his illiterate and devoted mother to take care… read more

  • Saint Paul Miki and Companions

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Saint Paul Miki and Companions The Martyrs of Japan Feast day: February 6   When St. Francis Xavier arrived in Japan with the intention of converting the emperor, and thus the people of Japan to Christianity, he couldn’t have landed at… read more

  • St. Polycarp

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    St. Polycarp Feast Day: February 23   During a pagan festival in 155, a bloodthirsty crowd, having just killed a young man named Germanicus, demanded that all “atheists” (meaning Christians) be executed. The shout of “Fetch … read more

  • St. Brigid of Kildare

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    St. Brigid of Kildare Feast Day: February 1   St. Brigid was thought to have been only six years old when St. Patrick passed away in the 5th century, having successfully planted the seeds of Christianity in the Emerald Isle. Filled with the fire … read more

  • St. Miltiades

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    St. Miltiades Feaast Day: January 10 A native of North Africa, Miltiades was elected pope in 311, the year the Edict of Galerius ended decades of hostility and persecution of Christians. Due to a previous emperor, Diocletain, Christian … read more

  • St. Antony of Egypt

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    St. Antony of Egypt Feast day: January 17   Regarded as the first monk, Antony was born in 251 to wealthy Christian parents in Upper Egypt. After his parents passed away when he was a young man, he heard the Gospel line, “If you wish to… read more