Saint Stanislaus of Cracow

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By Catholic Digest Staff

St. Stanislaus of Cracow

Feast Day: April 11


Descended from Polish nobility in 1030, Stanislaus received a formal education and, after being appointed bishop of the city, the favor of King Boleslaus II. He reformed his clergy and became known as a compassionate patron of the poor, as well as a fine preacher. However, he became involved in a dispute with the king that ultimately ended in his demise. It’s traditionally believed that he was trying to reform the king’s immoral behavior but the king refused to change. After repeated attempts to reform the King, Stanislaus finally excommunicated him. The King was furious and ordered his execution. Further enraged when his royal guards refused to kill the bishop hiding in the chapel of Saint Michael, the king killed Staislaus himself, causing Pope Gregory VII to place the entire country under an interdict until the king fell from power.

Catholic Digest Staff