Saints Cyril and Methodius

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By Catholic Digest Staff

Saints Cyril and Methodius

Feast Day: February 14


Celebrated as the “apostles of the southern Slavs and fathers of Slavonic literary culture,” these two brothers are also venerated as first rank missionary apostles of Europe. During their lives in early 800 AD, there were only three languages recognized by the Church as being sacred enough to carry the message of the liturgy. Hebrew, Greek, and Latin were regarded as holy since they were the three languages used for the inscription on Jesus’ cross.  Since this belief was not shared by the Eastern Church, and Cyril and Methodius decided to translate the Bible into Slavonic in order to reach more people. However, though a very common spoken language, there was no written form. By taking letters of the Greek alphabet and adding in special symbols to denote unique Slavonic sounds, they created the Glagolitic script, which would later develop into the Cyrillic script (named after Cyril). Today, the Slav languages are still written in the script the two brothers created.

Catholic Digest Staff