Saint Thomas Aquinas

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By Catholic Digest Staff

St. Thomas Aquinas

Feast Day: January 28

The son of an Italian count, Thomas was born into a family of great expectations at the castle of Rocca Secca. As his schooling progressed, he was sent to the University of Naples, where his parents decided that he was best suited for “a glittering ecclesiastical career” in a prominent Benedictine Order, where he could be a candidate to become the abbot of wealthy Monte Cassino. This would be a suitable and socially acceptable position of prominence for the son of a knightly family. However, while studying in Naples, Thomas was drawn to the intense philosophical and theological discussions of the newly established Dominican Order. He joined the order in 1224, despite the opposition of his family. Horrified, his family sent his brothers to change his mind by kidnapping and imprisoning him a castle for over a year. They even hired a courtesan to seduce him away from his vocation, but all their attempts were in vain. He finally regained his freedom and despite their efforts, would eventually become one of the most famous figures in the history of the church, theology, and philosophy.


Catholic Digest Staff