St. Margaret of Scotland

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By Catholic Digest Staff

St. Margaret of Scotland
Feast Day: November 16

Granddaughter of Edmund Ironside, king of Wessex, Margaret was raised in Hungary where she received a fine education that later helped to draw the affection of the King of Scotland. After the Norman Conquest it was no longer safe for Margaret, one of the few surviving members of the Anglo-Saxon royal family, to remain in England. She went to the Scottish court with her brother, where they were well received. King Malcolm III Canmore was deeply attracted to her beauty and intellect, and the two were married, living happily together for almost twenty-five years with eight children. It was said that she transformed court life, bringing in much needed energy and sophistication. She was very devout and promoted Church reform, including honoring Lent and Easter, as was the practice in Rome. Margaret became known for founding and restoring monasteries, hostels for pilgrims, caring for the poor, and her fine needlework. Her husband said that he could see “that Christ truly dwelt in her heart.” Margaret is the patron saint of Scotland.

Catholic Digest Staff