Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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By Catholic Digest Staff

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Feast Day: July 26


Even at the age of twelve, it was clear that St. Simon Stock was unique. It is said that, at that age, he lived as a hermit in a hollowed tree trunk, before becoming a preacher and, later, general of the Carmelite Order. Simon Stock helped the order to grow, especially in England, and it was there that Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared to him, presenting him with the Carmelite scapular, and the message that those who die while wearing it will be saved. This promise inspired several noble Englishmen to wear the scapular beneath their clothes in order to ensure salvation. The scapular, however, is not a good luck charm, but a symbol of a person’s devotion to the Carmelite spirituality, and to the Virgin Mary. It is this devotion and strong faith in Christ, not the scapular itself, that offers the hope of salvation.

Catholic Digest Staff