Sister Margaret Mary Alacoque

Feast Day: June 6

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By Catholic Digest Staff

Feast Day: June 6

Striving to share in the sadness of Christ when he was abandoned by his apostles, Sister Margaret, Apostle of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, would lay face down on the floor in prayer during her Holy Hour. Even as a little French girl of distinguished parents, Margaret rejected childhood games and fun, instead embracing the Blessed Sacrament, solitude, and prayer. She became bed ridden for four years from paralysis, and after promising the Blessed Virgin that she would devote herself to religious life, she immediately recovered. Despite her fragile health, she committed herself to the most difficult trials and sufferings. Often her pain and afflictions were cured by the Lord. She experienced visions and had conversations with Him regarding His Sacred Heart. Her experiences were so extraordinary that her sisters jealously criticized her, and her superior ordered her to “live a common life.”

Fortunately, her humility and devotion overcame her persecutors, and Christ told her of His desire to be loved, and share His Sacred Heart of mercy and salvation with all, calling her “the Beloved Disciple of the Sacred Heart.” Filled with His fire and love, she wrote greatly upon the subject, and He appointed the feast of the Sacred Heart (June 19th) to be set on the Friday after the octive of Corpus Christi. When she died, her last words were, “What have I in heaven and what do I desire on earth, but Thee alone, O my God.”

Catholic Digest Staff