St. Joan of Arc

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By Catholic Digest Staff

St. Joan of Arc
Feast Day: May 30


Fearlessly charging into battle beneath a white and gold banner emblazoned with holy icons, Joan of Arc holds a remarkable place in history as well as the hearts of the faithful. Born on the feast of the Epiphany in 1412, the French maiden was the daughter of a respected and frugal peasant farmer. As England invaded a France destabilized by royal and civil unrest, 14-year-old Joan heard a voice addressing her from a blaze of light. She later beheld St. Michael, St. Catherine, and other saints giving her instruction to rescue France. Clad in white armor, Joan led the French army to besieged Orleans and crushed the English. Later, she would become the victim of treacherous court politics. Forsaken by the French, she was burned at the stake by the English, holding fast to her faith and calling out to Jesus in her final moments.

Catholic Digest Staff