Religious Orders


  • 800 Years of Preaching the Gospel

    by Tim Drake

    St. Dominic’s mission in life was revealed to him during the 12th century as he accompanied Spanish Bishop Diego de Acebo on a diplomatic trip to France for Alfonso IX, king of Castile.    Passing through southern France, Dominic met … read more

  • Meet the Sisters of Life

    by Sherry Antonetti

    In November 1998, Cardinal O’Connor wrote a column for Catholic New York entitled “Help Wanted: Sisters of Life.” After hundreds of letters in response, in 1991 eight women entered what became the Sisters of Life. Inspired by Cardinal O’… read more

  • Little Sisters of the Poor

    by Susie Lloyd

    The Little Sisters of the Poor live a hidden life of service to the elderly poor. They have houses in 31 countries, and their foundress, Jeanne Jugan, was canonized by Pope Benedict in 2009. Sister Mary Bernard, lSP, was a superior in various houses … read more

  • Praying with the Jesuits

    by James Martin, SJ

    In the mid 1960s, a French Jesuit named Joseph de Guibert offered a charming analogy about spirituality, first made in the Middle Ages. A spirituality is like a bridge, he said. Every bridge does pretty much the same thing: It gets you from one place… read more