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  • Praying for my son

    by Jeremy Kalmanofsky

    The man sat in my armchair, telling me about the time the hospital nearly called off his 2-year-old son’s cancer treatments. The surgery to remove a portion of the child’s cancerous liver had been thrown into doubt by the discovery of spots … read more

  • Praying the Rosary with Catholic celebrities

    by Julie Rattey

    A pro soccer player used it to help find his future wife. A Rwandan woman hiding from her would-be murderers relied on it for faith and radical forgiveness. An unemployed actor used it to find peace of mind and, ultimately, a path back to the Church.… read more

  • Your job is holy!

    by Gregory F. Augustine Pierce

    The best boss I ever had was a Catholic. He never made a big deal out of it, but later, when I had been in the workplace long enough and had run my own company, I realized that the man had acted as a Catholic every single day of his life, and that his Catholicism… read more

  • Five keys to a better prayer life

    by Sister Melannie Svoboda

    On his way out to recess one day, 9-year-old Bobby said to his teacher, “Sister Michelle, could you please say a prayer for me today?”“Sure, Bobby,” Sister said. Then she asked, “Do you have a problem or some special reason… read more

  • The power of my prayer list

    by Ed Block

    In John Hassler’s 1990 novel North of Hope, a kindly pastor, Monsignor Adrian Lawrence, tells the protagonist, Father Frank Healy, “I am currently praying for 705 departed souls.” Frank replies, “That’s too many, Adrian.”… read more

  • Teaching my children the Rosary

    by Jill Ragar Esfeld

    Every morning growing up I woke to the sound of my father chanting the Rosary in unison with a voice on a local radio station.In college, when my faith was challenged by the “born-again” Christian movement, I confronted him about prayer by rote… read more

  • Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?

    by Anthony Destefano

    All over the world right now, people are asking the question: Why doesn't God answer me when I cry out to Him? How can we reconcile the idea of a God who says, Ask and it shall be given to you" with the fact that this same God often refuses to grant … read more

  • Let your dreams drive your days

    by William J. Byron, S.J.

    St. Augustine, reflecting on what it means “to dwell in the Lord’s house all the days of my life” (Psalms 23:6) noted, “There, the days do not come and go in succession, and the beginning of one day does not mean the end of another; all days… read more

  • Praying with our kids

    by Julie McCarty

    Autumn is a good time to inventory the prayer life of our children. Do we pray with our kids? How often? Why or why not? Prayer is more than an extracurricular activity. Just as nutritious food, sleep, and fresh air are essential for our children’s physical development… read more

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