• Say a little prayer for me

    by Alice Camille

    Years ago I listened to a friend speak earnestly about her prayer practices. She talked about the time of day at which she normally prays and the place in her home set aside for this purpose. She told me about the manner of prayer she prefers, how she got… read more

  • Lord, make me whole again!

    by Dan Schutte

    Sometimes we mistakenly think that our faith is primarily about understanding the truths of our faith, or professing a particular creed of beliefs, or learning the Holy Scriptures. Our faith, at its core, is about our relationship with God, and with … read more

  • Get closer to God in four simple steps

    by Jim Manney

    How do we allow the Scripture, in all its awesome power, to draw us closer to God? One important spiritual discipline that can help us is called lectio divina, which is Latin for “sacred reading.” It’s one of the oldest forms of Christian… read more

  • Prayer on the run

    by David Philippart

    Go ahead. Admit it. You feel just a little guilty when it comes to prayer — you wish you prayed more or better. Some days, you may even wish you had prayed at all. These are actually good impulses, promptings of the Holy Spirit to deepen your relationship with… read more

  • The mystery behind a miracle

    by Leslie Scanlon

    Monsignor Fred Easton is not exactly the first person who’d jump to mind when one thinks about miracles. Trained as a canon lawyer, the judicial vicar for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis is by nature of his profession rational and methodical. He also came face-to-face… read more

  • Praying for my son

    by Jeremy Kalmanofsky

    The man sat in my armchair, telling me about the time the hospital nearly called off his 2-year-old son’s cancer treatments. The surgery to remove a portion of the child’s cancerous liver had been thrown into doubt by the discovery of spots … read more

  • Praying the Rosary with Catholic celebrities

    by Julie Rattey

    A pro soccer player used it to help find his future wife. A Rwandan woman hiding from her would-be murderers relied on it for faith and radical forgiveness. An unemployed actor used it to find peace of mind and, ultimately, a path back to the Church.… read more

  • Your job is holy!

    by Gregory F. Augustine Pierce

    The best boss I ever had was a Catholic. He never made a big deal out of it, but later, when I had been in the workplace long enough and had run my own company, I realized that the man had acted as a Catholic every single day of his life, and that his Catholicism… read more

  • Five keys to a better prayer life

    by Sister Melannie Svoboda

    On his way out to recess one day, 9-year-old Bobby said to his teacher, “Sister Michelle, could you please say a prayer for me today?”“Sure, Bobby,” Sister said. Then she asked, “Do you have a problem or some special reason… read more

  • The power of my prayer list

    by Ed Block

    In John Hassler’s 1990 novel North of Hope, a kindly pastor, Monsignor Adrian Lawrence, tells the protagonist, Father Frank Healy, “I am currently praying for 705 departed souls.” Frank replies, “That’s too many, Adrian.”… read more