• Prayer for the Dead

    by Fr. Roland Guilmain

    Dear Father, I generally read the obituary column in my daily newspaper. Lately I’ve noticed that in obituaries which are clearly for Catholic families, there is a decrease in the number of funeral Masses that are included as part of the announcement. There… read more

  • The Healing Rosary

    by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    In the Evangelical church in which I was raised, we didn’t hate Catholics, but we thought they were wrong. One of the areas we were convinced they were in error was their “Mary worship.”   As I followed the path to the Catholic… read more

  • But Mass Is So Boring!

    by Fr. Roland Guilmain

    Our pastor said in a homily that the Eucharist makes us more like Christ. It transforms us. Well, I go to Mass every Sunday, and I find it a rather boring routine. It’s always the same thing, week after week. I’m just as impatient and critical as ever. … read more

  • The Importance of Personal Prayer

    by Rachel Swenson Balducci

    Sharon Cosper knows the importance of prayer. For years she has started her days with quiet devotion, and when she makes the effort to spend time in prayer, Sharon notices the difference.   But these days, with three children under the age of … read more

  • How I Learned to Love the Rosary

    by Daria Sockey

    The rosary, an icon of Catholic identity, rattling around in millions of Catholic drawers, purses, and pockets—not to mention dangling from Catholic rearview mirrors. It’s one of the most popular devotions acclaimed by popes and saints. Bl. … read more

  • We Are God's Cats. Let's Be His Dogs.

    by Tom Hoopes

    I have a theory: God gave us cats to show us the stupid ways we act toward him, and God gave us dogs to demonstrate how he really wants us to treat him.   My whole life long, I have been a cat person. I was heavily influenced by my cat-person … read more

  • 20 Ways to Teach Children to Pray

    by Nancy Flanders

    The single most powerful thing Catholic parents can do for their children is teach them to pray. Depending on the child, this may be an easy or difficult task. By teaching your children to pray, you give them the opportunity for a close relationship … read more

  • A Summer Prayer and Blessing

    by RTJ's Creative Catechist staff

    A Summer PrayerLong warm days...The pace of life slows...A time for picnics and rest in the shade...Lord, help me to rest awhilein the cooling shade of your presence.Slow down my restless heart and fill mewith gentle compassion for all your people. Amen.- Author unknown… read more

  • Live as people of the covenant

    by Joseph Gunn

    Some years ago, traveling in Guatemala, I was asked by the Sisters of St. Joseph to take some young people on an outing. Piling as many as could fit into an old Volkswagen Beetle, we had a wonderful afternoon. When the heat and humidity became unbearable… read more

  • Praying with the Marianists

    by Brother Stephen Glodek, SM

    During the chaos of the French Revolution, when Catholicism was under attack, a resourceful priest named Father William Joseph Chaminade found a clever way to bring Mass to the people. Disguised as a tin­ker, he would go with his wares, search out Catholic… read more