New prayers, same Mass


  • Shelley TowlerJune 18, 2012

    I disagree. Con-substantial is a disused word in the english vernacular. People have no idea what it means except to say it menas"one in being with" so why bother to change. You might as well insert the latin word it has as much meaning. I am sorry we are not speaking the same words as are ancesters. We are only speaking an approximation in English. I think it is a wate of resources for not much difference. Further it is upsetting to many people. Especially the changes that have eliminated some very beautiful and spiritual music. Further as a Catholic who cannot not now receive communion because I have celiac sprue (celiac is an immune disorder and we cannot drink wine after dozens of other people and wine is not offered at daily mass either) and my church will not provide a host I can have and the mechanism for me to have wine only is not there, I feel abandoned by my church. There are many in my predicament (Gluten Free, not by choice) Perhaps they could put these efforts and labor towards addressing the needs of the parishioners. Instead of changing language not critical to the furtherance of the faith community. I have to wonder which Christ would choose as a priority.

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