Say a little prayer for me


  • Rose EliffApril 16, 2010

    I loved this! Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your struggles. I'm not a "memorized" prayer myself, either. For me, I pray like a child who hasn't memorized anything, but simply prays from the heart. I don't set aside time for prayer, either. It's spontaneous and I find myself erupting with "thank you, God!" many times throughout the day, whether it's a car that has cut in front of me, forcing me to slow down to the speed limit (whew! avoided a speeding ticket!), or a beautiful flower or the touch of the ocean breeze; the smile of a child in a grocery store or laughter at a pup playing. Prayer is a personal connection between us and God; in my mind, there are no rules.

  • Marlene CleeremansApril 15, 2010

    This article is so insightful and helps releave the guilt I feel when I can't measure up to the prayer standards I set for myself. I'm so glad I happened across this today. I'll keep trying to pray more, but perhaps with less guilt. Thank you.

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