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  • Defend Pope Francis

    by Tom Hoopes

    I spent a year reading Pope Francis, and it was the hardest year of my life.   It wasn’t that Pope Francis is hard to read — he’s not. It is just that he was really hard to read in 2015–2016, if you knew you had to write… read more

  • Five Ways to Prepare for the World Meeting of Families

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Five ways to prepare for the World Meeting of Families   Pope Francis is coming to the United States for the eighth World Meeting of Families, which takes place in Philadelphia on September 22–27, 2015. The World Meeting of Families website … read more

  • The Joy of the Gospel

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Pope Francis released his first Apostolic Exhortation on November 26. Entitled Evangelii Gaudium -- The Joy of the Gospel-- it's perfectly timed for Thanksgiving and Advent, when we count our blessings. Or in some cases need some encouragement to be … read more

  • Francis, Pope from the Americas

    by Patrick Novecosky

    As Pope Francis celebrates World Youth Day in Brazil this week, here's a profile from our Summer issue to provide a preview of and context for the visit. Find links for following the Pope at World Youth Day at the bottom of the page.   The rush… read more

  • Getting to Know Pope Francis

    by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

    As soon as his name was announced from the Vatican on March 13, the world scrambled to learn about Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, the Argentine Jesuit just elected the next Vicar of Christ.   Much has been said in the ensuing weeks about his humility… read more

  • Welcome Pope Francis!

    by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

    As soon as his name was announced on Wednesday, March 13, the world scrambled to learn who Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio -- the Argentine Jesuit just elected the next Vicar of Christ-- is. Much has been said in the past 48 hours about his humility, his … read more

  • Benedict XVI: Faithful Servant, Courageous Pope

    by Danielle Bean

    On February 11, 2013, Pope Benedict XVI humbly announced his resignation as the Bishop of Rome. In thanksgiving for the many blessings and years of our Holy Father's faithful service, Catholic Digest enriches our experience of this historic moment with… read more

  • God Bless the Pope!

    by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

    My heart broke when I heard the news of Benedict XVI’s abdication. Not for the Church, which will be fine, but because I will miss him so. I always tell people I identify completely with the late Oriana Fallaci’s remark, “I feel less … read more

  • Remembering Pope John Paul II

    by Dan Connors

    “Watch the doors!” The voice of the frustrated subway conductor bellowed out of the speakers, but the thick crowds trying to push their way on to the train paid no attention. “If you don’t clear the doors I’m going to … read more

  • Mass with the pope in Jordan

    by Julie Rattey

    The pope hasn’t even arrived yet, and the people in the stadium are already cheering. Brightly colored flags are waving, held by children in First Communion attire, priests and Sisters, travelers from countries around the world. Voices of all ages… read more

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