• Happy Lent

    by Danielle Bean

    Do you love Lent? I suppose not many of us do. The traditional Lenten practices of almsgiving and fasting are not meant to be pleasant. Suffering and sacrifice are kind of the point. But in some crazy way, I do love Lent. This might make me a Catholic … read more

  • Catholic Apps for Your Lenten Journey

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Our smartphones can be a distraction that detracts from our spiritual lives. This Lent, why not let your phone inspire you toward penance and prayer with these Catholic apps?   1. Lenten devotions Xt3 Lent Calendar by Catholic Communications… read more

  • Living Lent to the Fullest

    by Lisa Klewicki, Ph.D.

    Lent this year comes at the end of a long winter. The gray skies and lack of sunshine can be taxing on our spiritual and psychological health, and we may not feel motivated to enter into this holy season. But Lent can be forty days of opportunity for… read more

  • Cooking up compassion

    by Marialisa Calta

    Cathy Voxland, an avid home cook from Newnan, Georgia, knows how to whip up a chicken and mushroom casserole for a church luncheon or put on a spread of “gooey desserts.” But during Lent, Voxland presides weekly over a kitchen of volunteers at… read more

  • Lenten recipes your whole family will enjoy!

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Cook and share these recipes with your loves ones this Lent. The meatless dishes are from Catholic Relief Services' Operation Rice Bowl. For 33 years, this program has helped US Catholics become more aware of global poverty, while encouraging prayer … read more

  • My hardest Lent ever

    by Colleen Shaddox

    There was always one kid in catechism class who raised his hand and asked if he could give up homework for Lent. I was not that kid. I dug deep to find the thing whose absence would most torture me — usually chocolate. As an adult, I gave up coffee … read more

  • Finding everyday holiness in Lent

    by Catholic Digest Staff

    Beginning with Sunday Mass, there are countless ways to get in touch with the Church’s spirit of Lent. There are plenty of opportunities to engage in prayer, fasting, and charity. Here are some activities you can use to enter into the spirit of… read more