• Do people who commit suicide go to hell?

    by William J. Byron, S.J.

    What is the Catholic Church’s teaching on suicide? Do people who take their own lives go to hell? My son committed suicide. In the note he left, he said he was going to hell for this, but didn’t know what else to do. He made many mistakes… read more

  • Why isn't God answering my prayer?

    by William J. Byron, S.J.

    I've read in the Bible that God is "no respecter of person" (Acts 10:34). Why, then, are some people cured of their physical problems and others are not? I've been praying for a very long time for the healing of a serious skin condition, but it is getting… read more

  • How often should I go to confession?

    by William J. Byron, S.J.

    I've been confessing for 80 years,and now a new priest at our parish says I'm doing it wrong. I thought that I could go up to Pentecost to make my Easter confession, but he says that's not how he learned it. This priest also says I should go to confession… read more