• God Became Man

    by Pat Gohn

    “Belief in the true Incarnation of the Son of God is the distinctive sign of Christian faith.” (CCC, 463)   As Catholics, we profess our belief in the Incarnation in the Nicene Creed: Jesus Christ “came down from heaven, and by the… read more

  • Grief: Does It Ever End?

    by Mary Ellen Barrett

    “It is suffering, more than anything else, which clears the way for the grace which transforms human souls.”  —St. John Paul II In August 2009 my two older sons joined their dad on the annual father/son camping trip they had… read more

  • The Risk of Faith

    by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    We were heading home from church when our twelve-year-old daughter complained, “Why do we have to listen to all that boring music at church? I hate that stuff!”   My wife jumped in to correct her. “You can’t say that! You… read more

  • 10 Ways Religious People Break the Commandments

    by Tom Hoopes

    Churchgoing people know how to follow rules. We also know how to skirt them. We know exactly where the line is, and how to stay technically in-bounds, even while we indulge in exactly what that commandment forbids. So here is a crash course on the Ten Commandments, focusing… read more

  • Pro-Life Even At the End of Life

    by Simcha Fisher

    “Technology runs amok without ethics,” says Tammy Ruiz, a Catholic nurse who provides end-of-life care for newborns. “Making sure ethics keeps up with technology is one of the major focuses of my world.”   How do Catholics like Ruiz honor the… read more

  • Spiritual Mothers -- Like YOU!

    by Pat Gohn

    Here’s a wonderful attribute of your feminine genius: All women are called to spiritual motherhood. By virtue of being created feminine, the genius behind God’s design of you, body and soul, inherently equips you for motherhood.   … read more

  • Confession

    by Brian O'Neel

    For those of us who want to become saints, the Church tells us to “frequent the sacraments.”   What does this really mean, though? There are, after all, seven. Should we become regular “wedding crashers”?   No. &… read more

  • Faith Meets Politics

    by Carolee McGrath

    Fred Glidden understands the awesome privilege and responsibility that come with voting. The proud father and grandfather fought in the Korean War, put himself through college, and worked long hours as a pharmacist to support his family. He married a… read more

  • Is it a sin to work on Sunday?

    by William J. Byron, S.J.

    I recently heard a priest say that we should only do things like visit the sick or elderly and not do unnecessary work on Sundays. I can’t visit the sick or elderly every Sunday, and I feel better doing something rather than just sitting around… read more

  • The Nun of Kenmare

    by Dan Connors

    In Dublin, Ireland, on a cold December night in 1881, Sister M. Francis Clare (Margaret Anna) Cusack, stepped off the train from Tuam and wearily made her way to the Poor Clare convent at Harold’s Cross. She rang the bell, and as soon as she saw… read more