Why isn't God answering my prayer?


  • John MethewAugust 21, 2015

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  • james garnerDecember 23, 2014

    Mimi is right...jesus heals today. Please accept him as your lord and savior aswell....i hope you know jesus is God. He is the only way the truth and the life. Please believe the trinity...the father the son and the holy spirit if you want to see miracles. God bless you. After you accept christ as your lid and saviour and are baptized in the holy spirit..make this prayer over your body " In jesus name i command my body to be healed. I curse you roots of disease and bind you forever. I comand you to throw your self in the sea and never return to me. Surely he took my infirmity and disease in his body and by healed. I command health and healing in this body right now in jesus name. And then believe you are already healed even if symptoms of sickness continue and then suddenly you will see a manifestation of youre healing. Keep thanking God that he had healed you after you have prayed like this.

  • mimi paulDecember 23, 2014

    Hi....God has healed me many times. First of all its a big lie that you have to bare sickness in your body to be a saint. Time and again people misinterpret the bible. If youre not yet healed i can probably tell yoy why. Jesus loves you are bore your infirmities and illness in His body and with His stripes you are healed - matthew 8:17. Of God didnt want you well he would have sent his Only son Jesus to die on that Cross and pay for your healing. He also says in the book of John " beloved i wish all things that your health prospereth as much as your soul prospereth. So i have given you biblical proof that God wants you well. You dont have to pay for your sins because i hope yoy know jesus paid for it and sickness and disease os a consequence of sin. Jesus freed you from the curse of the law which is disease. Please dont believe crap that people tell you about you having to bear disease in your body. Believe its on the cross and christ has healed you. Then command it in the nane of jesus ( which is a prayer of faith) to leave you forever and believe God has already done it for you and start praising him. You see you have been praying all wrong. You dont ask jesus to heal you. A prayer doesnt save the sick....its a prayer of faith that saves the sick. This could be one reason you are not healed. Secondly confess all your sins to someone so yoy will find mercy and renounce those ways and ask God to forgive you and believe he has after that. Thirdly if you have not forgiven anyone please do otherwise he will not forgive you. And last but most importantly if yoy havnt received the holy spirit you wont be healed...please ask God to baptize you with his holy spirit and believe after that that yoy hace received it. And i now believe you will be surely healed. I also want to warn you the devil will try to put lying thoughts in your mind tgat God hasnt healed you.. rebuke him in jesus name. And stop believing other peoples crap coz remember the devil speaks through people. Jesus clearly mentions in the bible many will come in my name and say tgey know me but will deceive you...watch out! Im a living proof God heals. Now remember After you praywr in jesus name you are already healwd inspite of wat you feel, see and it might take a while but the manifestation of your healing will eventually show because God respects faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

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